Product Design

Using a hands-on approach to design thinking, we define UX tactics to validate and design solutions that anticipate user needs.

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UX research


The first impression from the app starts from the first click. Our experts will design a user experience crafted from small details and gestures to make your users fall in love with your app. This includes deep research of your users and core app functionality.


Prototyping and wireframing


You can't say whether the experience is good before you feel it. That's why we make clickable prototypes and wireframes to have a clear picture of how the app will look and feel.


UI design


After the perfect user experience is designed, we can add a beautiful look to the functionality. Interface design will reflect your brand’s unique style and touch to stay in the app's users’ minds and help them navigate intuitively.


Brand Identity


Brand identity is what sparks in the mind of the people when they think of your app. It's so much more than just a logo. We go deep into emotions and psychology to deliver your unique brand's identity that will be recognized and remembered.


4 steps of the UX design process

Product discovery

Understand people’s pains and needs


Share the findings with the whole product team


Think about possible solution ideas and determine what to build

Design, test and modify

Deploy your hypothesis and gather insights from the market on where to improve

User-Centered Design


UCD is a philosophy that puts the user in the center of the design and development process. In a UCD approach, solutions are evaluated against user and business goals, improvements are made and the new solutions are evaluated again. It is an iterative process involving users, stakeholders and all members of the design and development team.



Usability is a measure of how well a specific user in a specific context can use a product/design to achieve a defined goal effectively, efficiently and satisfactorily.



It supports users in completing actions accurately


Users can perform tasks quickly through the easiest process.


Users find it pleasant to use and appropriate for its industry/topic.

Error Tolerance

It supports a range of user actions and only shows an error in genuine erroneous situations.

Ease of Learning

New users can accomplish goals easily and even more easily on future visits

Our clients love us

Hiring Appvales was one of our best business decisions. These guys were honest from the start in terms of time of development and costs. They delivered what they promised in time. Appvales cares about the success of your project and they will go above and beyond to deliver. Highly recommended company. Thanks guys!

Alexandre Giguere

Founder @ Salu Video

Fantastic collaboration: very committed, experienced developers and management. Look forward to continuing on many more projects in the future! Continue on hiring great people :)

Lukas Lehmann

CTO @ Docomondo

Clear, professional communication made APPVALES stand out from the very beginning of the engagement. This paved the way to a strong working relationship that ensured the successful and timely completion of the app. The team was also responsive and ready to fix any issues at hand.

Andreas Piculell

CTO @ Edaptio

Case studies

React Native Firebase

Industry: eCommerce, Delivey

VіsіtMе – Food Ordering Mobile App

VіsitMе is a food ordering mobile app that helps people get food easily and without delays. It has a discounts system integrate...


Industry: eCommerce, Delivey

VіsіtMе – Food Ordering App

VіsitMе is a food ordering app that helps people get food easily and without delays. It has a discounts system integrated into ...

Project link
ReactJS Redux AWS

Industry: Crypto, Blockchain

Penguinfinance – Crypto Platform

Penguin Finance is a cryptocurrency that aims to bring user-friendly yield-farming to the Avalanche network with low fees and h...

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