Finderscope – Community App

Finderscope™ is an all-new mobile app and community that uses cutting-edge Augmented Reality (AR) to enhance books like you’ve never seen before.

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Social Media



Project duration

4 months


Mobile Development



Make a book purchasing process more interactive and playful.



Create an easy-to-use community app with AR functionality that allows quick access to the reading community during a purchase process to see reviews, hear a synopsis from the Author themselves, and more!

Discover books and reviews

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You can discover more about random books you bump into with Finderscope. You can read other users’ reviews and comments.

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Interact with books

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With the book scan feature, you can interact with books you find in book stores or those you already own. Illustrations and photos come to life. You can watch synopsis from the Authors themselves.

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Join the community

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Users are able to create book clubs where they interact with other users and discuss books. You can leave comments, reviews and likes and explore more of your favourite books, genres and authors.

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See reviews

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Get easy access to the reviews of the book.

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we used


React Native



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