Case studies

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Case studies

React Native Redux Firebase

Industry: Social Network

Zod – Online auctions social network app

Social Networking service that supports both photo and video sharing coupled with an online shopping experience that facilitate...

React Native Firebase Redux

Industry: Fitness, Analytics

WAJU – Analytical App for Sports Teams

WAJU provides a platform for youth athletes to reflect and learn about well-being through their hobbies.

WAJU su...

React Native Redux Firebase

Industry: Social Media

Finderscope – Community App

Finderscope™ is an all-new mobile app and community that uses cutting-edge Augmented Reality (AR) to enhance books like you’ve ...

React Native Firebase WebView

Industry: eLearning

MatematikTutor – eLearning App for learning math

A new online helper in math!
MatematikTutor helps people to get better at math, no matter what level you start at.

React Native Firebase Fastlane

Industry: Tools, Document Management, Scan

Docomondo – eTools, File Management App

Docomondo is an App that keeps track of your important deadlines and organizes all your paperwork efficiently. Thanks to our ex...

React Native Redux Firebase

Industry: Tools, Reminder

Joe Doe – Contact Management & Reminder App

JOE DOE is a Relationship Developer stated as a KNOW WHO YOU KNOW action & practice that deepens and adds value to your core a...

Flutter Python Redux

Industry: Marketplace

Eventville – Ticket Marketplace

The application will help you find the best events in the city. Finding plans for the weekend has become more accessible. All t...

React Native Flutter Firebase

Industry: Order Management

Salu – Order Management Video-recording App

Salu is a Canadian marketplace where fans can book personalized video shoutouts from their favorite people. Local celebrities g...