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Max Litvinov

Mar 30, 2021 | 6 min read



Solution Delivery Partner Making Great Mobile Products for Clients

Incorporated in 2020 and based in Kyiv City, APPVALES provides clients with top-notch services in full-cycle mobile development. The company’s mission is to bring offshore mobile development services to the next level by building business-integrated product teams. The professional group at APPVALES is focused on building products from scratch through well-tuned processes. The experienced team is always equipped to assist in all sorts of bold plans and provide clients with the best-suited solutions.

APPVALES is not like any other dev shop; it is a solution delivery partner providing clients with service and experience first and then, mobile products. My mission is to be a cultural and business brain making APPVALES attractive both for clients and employees.

Recently GoodFirms interviewed Max Litvinov, the CEO of APPVALES. In this interview, Max explains how successful mobile apps help clients achieve their business goals by implementing APPVALES’ world-class strategies.

Max credits his fast-rising prosperity to his penchant for conquering obstacles. “Challenges excite me,” says Max. The expert team is changing the offshore development market by creating business-integrated product teams in every project that the company has. The expert geeks perform tasks and take care of future success, suggesting to clients the best solutions for each particular project.

Further, continuing with the interview, Max divulges the most flourishing services – mobile app development and software development services rendered by company professionals. As a mobile app development company, the team delivers excellent quality code and a well-thought app structure, allowing clients to scale up once the client’s project grows. The team prioritizes features and scope to tackle each goal step by step.

The team uses React Native that makes it possible to sync APIs with JavaScript foundational layers. The team ensures phenomenal performance by combining the framework with native languages. The app developers ensure that the apps’ features are of easy use comprising Native codes with hassle-free management, resulting in sleek development.

Moreover, the app developers employ the core of the application using web technologies (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript), which are then encapsulated within a native application. The team builds apps for particular mobile operating systems, enabling users to access them from the App Store or Google Play. A progressive web application is a type of application software delivered through the web, built using standard web technologies, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

The in-house team of app developers helped clients reaches their business goals on both Android and iOS platforms. Likewise, there are many benefits to choosing React Native app development with low developmental costs and faster time-to-market. Thus, equipped with proficient app developers, APPVALES gets dubbed as one of the top mobile app development companies in Ukraine at GoodFirms.

The review obtained at GoodFirms reflects the quality apps developed at APPVALES.

Talking about software development services, Max explains the strategy employed by experts at APPVALES. Adopting a hands-on approach to design abstraction, the software engineers define UX tactics to validate and test design solutions that predict user needs. The analysis results become the basis for developing clients’ products’ visual language elements, including elements of the user interface, colors, stylistics, and interaction with the user.

The team adopts a UCD philosophy that puts the user at the center of the design and development process. Using this approach, the group produces solutions evaluated against the user and business goals to improve the new solutions. It is an iterative process involving users, stakeholders, and all design and development team members.

With usability, the software engineers make sure how well a specific user in a particular context can use a product/design to accomplish a defined goal effectively, efficiently, and satisfactorily. Thus, developing solutions by understanding clients’ pains and needs endows APPVALES as one of the leading software development companies in KIEV at GoodFirms.

Having read the in-depth discussion held between Max Litvinov and the interviewer, one can also go through the detailed interview published at GoodFirms.

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Max Litvinov

CEO at Appvales

IT enthusiast, investor, entrepreneur. Bringing the offshore mobile development to the next level.

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