How to Find and Hire Remote iOS Developer

There are more than 3,420,161 apps available in the Apple App Store. Building an app for your business is a great way to connect with current and potential customers. You can offer them value over your competition. 

If you don’t already have skilled iOS developers on your team, it can be difficult to find someone reliable. How do you know what you’re looking for, especially if app development is outside of your usual wheelhouse? 

This guide will go over how to hire an iOS developer and everything you need to know before onboarding a new member to your staff. There are a variety of options you can go with besides directly putting someone on your payroll. 

Appvales is a mobile app development company with a great track record of building quality apps for our clients. Working with a company like ours is a guaranteed way to ensure your app is in good hands. 

The Roles and Responsibilities of an iOS Developer

iOS developers are in charge of many responsibilities when developing an app. It goes beyond just writing code. They participate in every aspect of app development. 

Their goal is to turn your mobile app into a user-friendly product. When you hire an iOS developer, you should make sure they have design awareness. You want them to have a keen eye on how the app functions since they’re responsible for giving your users the final experience. 

There are three levels of iOS developers: junior, middle, and senior. If a developer has worked on more projects, they’ll be more experienced in diverse and complex tech problems. 

Junior iOS Developer

This is an entry-level position. A junior iOS developer will work with more experienced developers to enhance their skills and increase their knowledge. Going up to the next level takes a few years. 

Middle iOS Developer

After an iOS developer has worked on different complex projects, they’ll move from the junior level to the mid or middle level. They won’t have to always work alongside their superiors. They’ll have more independence when working on projects. 

Senior iOS Developer

A senior iOS developer has released numerous, successful apps. They’ve experienced a lot of different types of codes. They also deal with security matters, testing, and integration of APIs. 

When evaluating who you need to hire, you’ll have to evaluate what you need for your project. The budget also plays an important role as the salaries for each dramatically go up with each level. If your project is more complex, then a junior developer will likely not have enough skills to handle it. 

Skills Required for an iOS Developer

It’s important whoever you hire has the necessary skills to adhere to Apple’s standards. Apple is very strict with its apps, wanting them to have standardized frameworks, APIs, architecture, and languages. 

iOS development is designed around Swift. Swift is a programming language that was made by Apple. You’ll need to hire a Swift developer to ensure your app is developed properly. 

A proficiency iOS app developer needs to be well versed in the following general skills:

  • Experienced with Xcode IDE
  • Knowledge of Objective-C or Swift programming language
  • Basic understanding of RESTful APIs
  • Core data framework knowledge
  • OpenGL or Metal experience
  • Apple Human Interface Guidelines knowledge 

For the average person, the above terms are practically in another language. If you’re not experienced with app development yourself, you can be intimidated by the interview process when looking to hire an iOS developer. 

Below we’ll go over different interview questions you should ask candidates so you have a basic understanding of what you should expect from people who apply. 

Interview Questions to Ask an iOS Developer

Hard and soft skills as equally as important when you’re seeking to hire an iPhone app developer. What are the differences between the two? The definitions of hard and soft skills are:

  • Hard Skills: Job-specific and technical skills that are relevant to the specific position
  • Soft Skills: Personality traits or general characteristics, like leadership abilities or strong communication skills

Especially when working in a team on a project, soft skills are just as vital in an iOS app developer as hard skills are. You want someone that has strong social skills while also possessing the technical skills needed for the job. 

You’ll want to ask interview candidates when you hire a dedicated iOS app developer tailored questions that target both skill areas. 

Hard Skills

The hard skills questions should be centered around specific details regarding iOS app development. When you hire an iOS developer, you want them to be experienced in all aspects of the process. 

Here are some example questions you can ask potential candidates, along with some background information about each question:

  • What’s a Dictionary?: Dictionary is a term used with Swift programming and if they’re knowledgeable about Swift, they should know this answer
  • In What Ways Would You Describe a Swift Language?: Again, if they’re well-versed in Swift, they should be able to explain how it’s protocol-oriented, etc. 
  • What Are Lazy Properties?: Someone that’s experienced in Swift code will know the disadvantages and advantages of each 
  • Are There Advantages of Using Swift Instead of Objective C?: Swift can access lower-level APIs needed for iOS hardware than Objective C can’t
  • What does the backtick in Swift Do?: It’s a bad practice that marks keywords that have the same names as keywords that were pre-determined by Swift 

These are just a few example questions that you can ask an iOS developer during an interview to evaluate their hard skills. 

Soft Skills

When you hire an iOS app developer, you want them to possess strong social skills in addition to all the technical ones needed for the job. Below are some examples of questions you can ask potential app developers to gauge their soft skills:

  • What qualifications do you look for when building a development team?
  • What do you do if you can’t meet a deadline?
  • Can you explain an aspect of a project to me in plain English?
  • Have you ever presented your project?
  • Explain briefly one of the projects you’ve worked on and how you approached it from beginning to end
  • Tell me about an app that annoys you and why
  • What do you do when an app you developed stops working?
  • How do you respond to negative feedback?
  • What’s do you consider to be the biggest challenge of working on app development?
  • What do you see being the biggest trends with future app development?
  • Have you ever done anything on the job that would be considered unethical?
  • What do you do if a team member is writing poorly document code that’s correct?

These questions will help you get a better picture of the person you’re interviewing. You want to see how they interact with different types of people because not everyone on their team will be as tech-savvy as they are. 

Sample Job Description for an iOS App Developer

If you decide to move forward with hiring an in-house iOS app developer, you’ll need to draft a job description to place on job boards.

At the top of your description, you’ll want to include information about your company. You can include:

  • Your company’s culture
  • Benefits
  • Perks
  • Office hours
  • Location
  • Work from home options
  • Anything else that makes your company interesting 

Below is a sample of a job description. Feel free to tweak it as needed. 

Job Description

[Company name] is looking to hire an experienced iOS developer. This individual will be responsible for developing and maintaining iOS applications on both mobile devices and tablets. The primary focus of this position will be the iOS app development and integration with the back-end services. 

This person will be working alongside other team members, including developers and engineers who work on various layers of the app’s infrastructure. We’re looking for an individual who can collaborate well with others and lead responsibly.


  • Ensure the quality, responsiveness, and performance of the iOS app
  • Design and build iOS apps
  • Identify and fix issues and bugs
  • Work with team members on new features
  • Maintain code quality, automatization, and organization 
  • Communicate efficiently with non-tech savvy staff members 

Skills Needed:

  • Proficient with Swift and/or Objective C
  • Familiarity with frameworks for iOS
  • Knowledge of UI/UX standards

Refer to the earlier skill section for a more complete list of skills required for an iOS app developer. You can also include what level of certification or education you require for this position. You also don’t have to include salary information but potential candidates do appreciate it being included. 

iOS Developer Salaries in Different Countries

When you hire iPhone developers from different countries, their salaries will often be lower than that of a US or UK-based developer. 

The average salary of a US-based iOS developer is around $117,211 each year. They’re an in-demand occupation, so their salaries are more competitive. 

In Western Europe, the average salary is around $80,000 each year. In Ukraine, it’s almost half that. The average salary for a Ukrainian developer is around $48,000. 

Even though the yearly salary of a Ukrainian developer is substantially lower than that of a US or Western European one, that doesn’t mean they lack qualifications. Ukrainian iOS developers as qualified as any other developer. 

Options to Hire an iOS Developer

There are a variety of options when you need to hire an iOS developer. You can hire an in-house, freelance, or outsourced developer. Before you move forward with the hiring project, you need to understand the scope of your project so you know what requirements you’re looking for. 

Write Down Your Idea

Describe your general idea of your iOS app so you have a clear understanding of what type of app you want to be built. You can include a short paragraph in your description that focuses on what problems the app will solve for people. This will help you focus your idea and compile your thoughts. 

Set Goals

Determine what your goals are for this app. Do you want five thousand downloads? Are you looking for investors?

When you evaluate what your primary goals are, you can understand the scale and scope of your app. It’ll help give your development team direction as they develop your app. 

What’s the Functionality of Your App?

Compile a list of features that you want in your iOS app. More complex features will take a more senior iOS developer. Any potential developers you interview will be able to let you know if they have experience working with that particular feature. 

Figure Out Your Priorities 

Out of all the features you write down, prioritize which ones are most important. You’ll need to decide what features you want in the iOS app at launch and which can be held until a post-launch update. 

Once you have a clear idea of what your iOS app project entails, you can use that information to determine what type of developer you need to hire. 

In-House iOS Developer

If you want to hire an in-house iOS developer, you’ll have to offer them a competitive salary. If you’re based in the US, you can see from the information provided above that the yearly salary of a developer can be steep. 

There are also additional costs associated with hiring an in-house developer. You’ll have to pay to advertise the position if you want to attract high-quality candidates. There also may be additional training required, which is an added expense. 

Their salary isn’t the only monthly cost you’ll have to pay for them. To stay competitive, you’ll have to offer employee benefits and vacation time. Those are both added costs. 

Employee turnover is also a concern. If your iOS developer decides to leave your company, you’ll have to go through the cost again of hiring a replacement. 

Freelance App Developers

A freelance iOS developer is another option for you to explore. They’re often independent, motivated, and experienced with jumping on new projects. If you’re exploring building a small-scale app, a freelance developer can be a great option for you. 

You can also find amazing talent at cheaper rates. You don’t have to worry about the extra overhead costs of hiring an in-house developer. You can also access talent from all around the world. 

However, if you need a team of several app developers to work on your project, it can be hard to coordinate multiple freelancers. They work on their own schedule which may not match up with your usual business hours. That can result in it being difficult to communicate with them and schedule meetings. 

Most freelance iOS developers are used to working solo on projects. It could potentially create conflict with your internal team if they’re struggling to work with a freelancer. 

Mobile App Development Agencies 

If you’re looking for security, a mobile app development agency is a solid choice. Outsourcing your iOS app development to a skilled agency can save you money. You likely only need their skills for a handful of projects, so it’s a better investment than hiring a permanent staff member. 

They’re also comprised of highly skilled individuals. They focus on a small number of projects at a time, ensuring that your project is completed quickly. If you have an in-house app developer, they often get pulled to other projects than the one they should primarily be working on. 

iOS app development agencies are also experts. The company has done all the hard work for you – they’ve interview potential candidates and only hired experienced iOS app developers to be on their team. You can feel confident that your project is in capable hands. 

One downside when working with an iOS development agency is the time difference. Most of these companies work in Eastern Europe and may keep different business hours than you. It can be difficult to find times to connect with them. 

However, if they’re a professional app development agency, they’ll coordinate their schedule with yours. They’ll ensure that you’re able to properly communicate about the status of your iOS app development. 

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Best Websites to Find Mobile App Developers

Now that you’ve figured out what type of app developer you want to go with, you now need to know where to find app developers. Luckily, you can hire developers online. 

The best ways for finding an iPhone app developer for an in-house hire are:

  • Technojobs
  • Indeed
  • LinkedIn
  • Glassdoor

The hiring process of an in-house developer can be a lengthy and time-consuming process. If you’re inexperienced with app development you can try to prep yourself as much as you can, but hiring errors can occur. 

Want to know how to find iPhone app developers that are freelance? There are a few different freelance platforms you can look at to find a qualified iOS app developer. Some sites to peruse include:

  • Toptal
  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • GitHub

Freelance app developers can be more flighty than you want for this type of project. You want an iOS developer that’s experienced and committed to creating the mobile app you’re envisioning. 

Websites to Find Mobile App Development Agencies

A mobile app development agency based in Ukraine is one of the best avenues for you to take. Not only are they a team of highly qualified individuals, but the budget for your project will be significantly reduced. But how to find an ios developer agency?

There are a few sites you can look at to find a mobile app development agency:

What is great about a lot of these platforms is that clients can leave feedback on projects they’ve had with different agencies. You can look through company ratings, testimonials, and their portfolio when evaluating if an agency is a right fit for you. If you want to hire an iOS programmer, an agency is a great option. 

Appvales is a company that provides dedicated mobile app developers. We thoroughly vet every member of our team. You’re guaranteed to have the most experienced iOS app developers available working on your project. 

Why Appvales is the Right Choice for You

Appvales is a boutique agency that was designed to stay small so we can give our clients our full attention. Providing our clients with the best customer service possible is a key component in the foundation that makes up the company. Deep-diving into each project is essential in the iOS app development world in order to provide users with a flawless experience. 

Some things to keep in mind about Appvales include:

  • 85% of our projects transition into long-term relationships
  • 90% of our clients recommend us
  • Each of our developers has an average of five years of experience
  • 75% of our engineers and developers are middle to senior level 
  • Five-star rating on both Clutch and GoodFirms

Appvales can help companies design and built their app. We’ll also test and launch them once complete. 

Our team is experienced with handling a project from start to finish but we can also work collaboratively with your in-house development team. No matter what your needs are, Appvales can rise to meet them. 

Appvales provides the following services:

  • MVP for Startups: Our team will take your iOS app idea to a launchable product that fits within the app market 
  • Dedicated Developers: Our experienced developers can be plugged into your current team 
  • Mobile Development: We can deliver native or cross-platform solutions
  • Apps for Business: We’ll work together to create an iOS app that connects your business with your customers 
  • Product Design: We’ll design a mobile experience that works seamlessly for your customers
  • Product Discovery: Our team will run your app through testing and workshops to ensure that there’s a place for it in the market

We work tirelessly to create a product execution plan that’s in line with what you’re looking for. Let us handle the recruitment of qualified developers. Trust in Appvales with your iOS app development. 

Build an iOS App With Our App Development Boutique 

If you need to hire an iOS developer, don’t get overwhelmed with the hiring process and additional cost. A mobile app development agency can provide you with countless benefits while delivering a quality app to your customers.  

Ready to take your vision to the next level? Reach out to our team at Appvales today to schedule a consultation and fill out our contact form. 

For more information on our previous projects, check out our case studies:

Complete Guide to Hiring Offshore Mobile Developers in Eastern Europe

If you’re going to make an app in Eastern Europe, you’re in luck. With over 26 million app developers globally, you’re guaranteed to find an app development company that can bring your app vision to life. Having a mobile app for your company or business can give you a cutting edge against the competition in this ever-evolving technologically advanced world. 

You may not be aware of it, but there are numerous mobile app developers in Eastern Europe. Their teams have highly skilled individuals and cover the gamut of expertise. No matter what your app development needs are, be it Android, iOS, or both, there’s a company in Eastern Europe that will fit your needs. 

Great companies located in Eastern Europe, like Appvales, will help you design and create your mobile apps without the hassle of having to handle them in-house. 

In this guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about hiring offshore mobile developers. 

Benefits of Outsourcing Mobile App Development to Eastern Europe

Even if you have in-house team members that have experienced with app development, outsourcing mobile app development to Europe provides countless benefits. You’re able to hire a company that’s trained in what you’re trying to accomplish.

Increase Productivity and Efficiency 

An offshore mobile app development company will save your business time and increase overall productivity. When you have a dedicated team whose sole focus is developing your mobile app, you don’t have to worry about the messy admin tasks behind the scenes.

You won’t need to take the time to interview employees and bring them through the hiring process. The company you hire takes care of all of that themselves. You also won’t have to train new employees as the app development company already has the skills needed. 

Reduce Your Overall Cost

The average yearly salary of a mobile app developer is around $73,000. That’s a huge cost for your company to invest in. Especially if you’re starting out, there are so many overhead costs that go into keeping an employee on staff. 

Some of these costs include:

  • Office rent
  • Payroll
  • Vacations
  • Insurance benefits
  • Recruitment fees

If you outsource app development, you don’t have to worry about these additional costs. Additionally, the rates of mobile app development companies in Eastern Europe are far less than a U.S.-based employee. 

The cost of living in Eastern Europe is far less than in the United States and Western Europe. Choosing to outsource mobile app development to that area of the world will save you money on your bottom line. 

Access Talented Mobile App Developers 

When you outsource your mobile app development, you gain access to a larger pool of talented individuals. It’s hard to find developers in Western Europe and the United States that are qualified. If you can find a qualified person, they likely come with a hefty price tag. 

Many large tech companies have also employed talented developers in those areas of the world. By tapping into mobile app development in Europe, especially the Eastern portion, you’ll find qualified individuals that are more than happy to work with your company. 


Mobile app development companies that are often outsourced to are used to jumping between projects. They know how to onboard new clients. They’re flexible and are familiar with collaborating with companies from around the world. 

Even though you may be in different time zones, you’ll find that many mobile app development companies in Europe work later hours so they can sync up to different time zones. A qualified company will communicate with you regarding the status of your project no matter the time. 

Risks to Consider When You Outsource Mobile App Development to Eastern Europe

Like with any type of outsourcing, there are some risks involved. Mobile app development in Europe is home to companies with great business ethics, a convenient location, and diverse team members. There are some risks you should keep in mind when deciding to go with application development outsourcing. 

Disappearing of Team Members

The mobile app development landscape of Eastern Europe is competitive. When you outsource to a company, you may learn as the project progresses that developers start leaving the team. This could be for a variety of reasons, one of the reasons being seeking out another job opportunity. 

One thing to keep in mind is if the company you outsourced to has poor or unfavorable working conditions. Do proper research of the company you hire beforehand to ensure they’re a quality company that retains its employees. Developers dropping off your project could harm your app in the long run. 

Low Quality of Development and Code

You can go through all the steps you need to take to properly vet a mobile app developer in Eastern Europe and still run into hurdles. There are a few reasons why you can end up with an app that has buggy code:

  • The company has too many projects going and move their developers around from project to project
  • The mobile app development company has assigned junior-level developers to your project instead of their more highly qualified team members
  • The company might be intentionally lowering the quality of the code so they can charge you extra fees for fixing it

You want your mobile app to be working on by a team of dedicated developers. Clear communication with the company can help avoid these issues. 

Leaked Information

It’s vital that you hire mobile developers from anywhere in the world that you have them sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). An NDA is:

  • A legally binding contract that ensures confidentiality between you and the other party 

You may be anxious to get your project up and running. Companies sometimes offer to start working before contracts have been signed. Don’t hand over any sensitive information or data until an NDA has been signed. 

Secure contracts and documentation will help guarantee your information is confidential. If any information is leaked, you can take legal action. 

Complicated Billing Methods and Taxation 

Even with all the various money transferring services offered, it can be complicated to transfer money to companies in Eastern Europe. Some issues that can arise are:

  • PayPal doesn’t work in some European countries, like Russia or Ukraine
  • Some offshore companies may send out falsified invoices so they can avoid taxation 
  • There may be currency conversion issues

It’s important to know the taxation system of whatever country you decide to outsource mobile development to. That will ensure you don’t overpay and the other company is conducting business legally. 

Best Countries in Europe to Outsource Software Development to


The IT labor force that specializes in mobile app development in Poland is extremely diverse. Companies that offer iOS or Android development in Europe are also affordable. The developers are known to have a great worth ethic. 

Poland is also a member of the European Union (EU). That means companies follow inclusive data protection regulations and laws. This is a huge benefit when outsourcing mobile app development in Europe. 

Poland is one of the top countries in the world to outsource app development to. Most of the population also speaks English, making communication between your company and the Polish-based one simple. 


While English isn’t a commonly spoken language in Ukraine, most mobile app developers speak it. It’s unlikely that you’d face a language barrier issue when hiring a Ukrainian company. 

Ukraine’s time zone also overlaps with the United States, making syncing up about the status of your project easy. The country is also home to active tech communities. Major cities host events each year dedicated to IT and tech innovations. 

Some of these cities include:

  • Kyiv
  • Kharkiv
  • Lviv
  • Dnipro
  • Odesa

Some of the tech conferences attract more than 7,000 attendees from around the world. Ukraine continues to rise in the tech industry, educating more and more Ukrainian mobile app developers


There are more than 1,000 software development companies in Belarus. Many members of Android and iPhone app development in Europe call Belarus home. Developers from Belarus specialize in complex areas, including:

  • IoT
  • FinTech
  • Cloud Computing
  • AR/VR
  • Big data
  • Machine learning
  • High-load systems

You can find a company in Belarus that provides high-quality work at a low cost. 


Hungary may be a small country but it boasts a large number of mobile app developers. The country is a member of the EU and is home to many specialists that speak English fluently. Since Hungarian companies have to comply with European labor standards, it makes hiring one of their development teams simple. 

Big software companies such as IBM, Microsoft, and Nokia have outsourced their security and antivirus services to Hungary. The country has established itself as being well-qualified in software and mobile app development. 

Where to Find the Best Mobile App Developers in Eastern Europe?

Before you begin researching Android or iOS app development in Europe, you need to consider a few things first:

  • Clearly Define Your Business Goals: Figure out the main objective of your project and any problems you’ve encountered, as well as any milestones you’d like to hit
  • Figure Out Your Budget: Knowing how much money you can spend is vital when determining the scope of your project and what company you can work with
  • What Types of Skills Do You Need?: Identify the type of tech you’ll need and expertise, in addition to what particular roles you’re looking to fill

Once you’ve determined what you’re looking for and how much you can spend, you can start your application development outsourcing search. There are many online resources you can check out when looking for freelancers or mobile app development companies in Eastern Europe. 


Clutch includes a complete directory of the best mobile app development companies across the globe. You can refine your search based on industry, location, and budget.

Each company has its own profile on Clutch. You’re able to look at reviews, company descriptions, and how many employees they have. If you find a company you’re interested in, you can contact them and get moving to the next step. 


Another place to find a mobile app developer in Eastern Europe is on Upwork. Fill out a job posting with the description of the job and post it directly to their website. Any interested freelancer can review the job listing and submit a proposal. 

If you’re already familiar with a company, you can invite them to your job. An upside to this platform is that it’s free to post a job, but Upwork doesn’t properly vet candidates. There is good talent available, but you may have to weed out some beginner developers before finding a qualified candidate. 

Stack Overflow

A popular website for mobile app developers, Stack Overflow has a job section for companies to post available opportunities. Post your project and you’ll receive applications from interested individuals. 

You can find qualified candidates on the website, but like with Upwork, Stack Overflow doesn’t vet potential applicants. You’ll have to conduct thorough interviews to find the most qualified person. The website does allow you to set your project budget when you post your listing, ensuring you find developers who can work within that amount. 

Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in Eastern Europe

Now that you’ve settled on outsourcing your mobile app development to Eastern Europe, you need to locate a qualified company. We’ve gathered the top 10 mobile app development companies in Eastern Europe to help you narrow down your selection.


Appvales is located in Ukraine and is a highly qualified company that is worth your consideration. They currently have 10 5 star reviews on Clutch. Appvales can help your company design, build, test, and launch your mobile app. 

They can either handle the entire product development or work in tandem with your current development team. Appvales can deliver the first demo of your mobile app within seven days of beginning your project. Their turnover rate is low, with it being around 5%. 

Master of Code Global

Master of Code Global has bases all around the globe and is one of the top options in Eastern Europe. They’ve worked with leading brands to help companies design and launch their apps. The company was founded in 2004 and has 200 employees, with four offices worldwide. 

Their team is comprised of highly trained individuals that have strategic technical backgrounds. They’ve worked with clients such as Mercedes-Benz Bank, T-Mobile, Aveda, and Tom Ford. 


Located in Lviv, KindGeek is a mobile app and software development company. They provide mobile and web development services, in addition to UI/UX design and business analysis. Their team is filled with highly ambitious technology professionals. 

KindGeek strives to help entrepreneurs, companies, and individuals with technology-based projects. Their goal is for their clients to focus on their business while they handle app and software development. They’ve worked with clients like the University of Basel, Puls, Telefonica, and TradeShift. 

Sigma Software

Sigma Software is located in Kyiv and has more than 1,300 mobile app development experts worldwide. They’ve been in business for more than 18 years. They strive to find smart, effective solutions for their clients’ business’s needs and challenges. 

Sigma Software is also certified and titled Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. They’ve worked with clients such as Volvo, AstraZeneca, Scania, and Scandinavian Airlines. 


Kharkiv is home to Jelvix, a global technology consulting company. Their team has highly trained mobile app engineering developers with a range of experience. Their mission is to accelerate their clients’ business growth for various industries. 

Their full-service approach includes product lifecycle development, UI/UX design, and business analysis. They’ve been in business since 2011. Jelvix has worked with clients including Louis Vuitton, Auchan, Canon, Samsung, and Kia Motors. 


Cleveroad is a mobile app and software development company in Dnipropetrovs’k. They focus on innovation while creating intricate business-driven solutions for their clients. Cleveroad has a 4.9-star rating on Clutch with 47 reviews. 

The mobile apps they create can fit any budget or company industry. They’re familiar with working with startups, private clients, and business segments. Some of the clients Cleveroad has worked with include Virgin Atlantic, Octopus, PrankDial, and Blockbuster. 


Also in Kyiv, Stfalcon focuses on mobile app and software development for the healthcare, travel, and eCommerce industries. Their team is highly skilled in the Symfony framework. They’re also able to handle iOS/Android native application development. 

Stfalcon works with the top parcel delivery service in Ukraine and has developed mobile apps for the biggest German bus ticket operator company. Many of their clients’ businesses have continued to grow due to the apps they developed for them. 


AgileEngine has over 40 reviews on Clutch and a 5-star rating. While they are headquartered in Virginia, their team members are located around the world. The company was founded in 2010 and only works with the best mobile app and software developers in the U.S., Ukraine, and Argentina. 

AgileEngine has experience working with startups and world-renowned tech brands. Their services include onsite counseling or remote mobile app development. 


Uptech is in Kyiv and was founded in 2016. They’re a full-service product development studio. Its mission is to assist innovative companies to bring their bold and vibrant ideas to life.

They have experience developing iOS and Android mobile apps, web apps, and cross-platform mobile apps. No matter what your job need is, Uptech can help. They’ve worked with clients such as Drone Base, Yaza, Freebird Rides, and Rivals. 


Ekreative has a team of developers from around the globe with their main headquarters located in Eastern Europe. They’ve been in business for over 15 years, helping their clients increase their efficiency and grow their business. 

Their team specializes in QA, UX, design, SEO, project management, and more. Some of their clients include Envista, Kidslox, Kavo Kerr, and Lifebase Solutions. 

How Much Does It Cost to Outsource Mobile App Development to Eastern Europe?

There is no flat rate when it comes to making an app in Eastern Europe. There are a variety of factors that come into play when calculating cost. 

Complexity of Features and App Design

If you’re looking to design an app that has multiple features, you can expect that it’ll take a lot of time to develop. The more time a developer spends on a feature, the more it will cost. 

Consider each feature that you want to add. If it can be held until after launch and when the app is doing well, table that feature for the time being. It’s good to get feedback from an app’s launch before overloading it with features that may be unnecessary and cost more. 

Development Team

Developing a mobile app isn’t solely about programming. There are multiple specialists that are on your project’s team. The more people that are involved, the more the project will cost. 

That’s why outsourcing mobile app development to Eastern European countries works so well. A mobile app company in the United States will likely cost three times what a company in the Ukraine costs.

You’re not paying for less qualified developers. It boils down to the cost of living. 

Typical Developers’ Rate

Eastern European mobile app development companies charge around $25 to $50 per hour. You can estimate how much your project will cost by multiplying their hourly rate by how long development will take. How long it takes depends on how many features your app will have and its complexity. 

A more complex app, like Uber or Netflix, is estimated to cost around $303,900 to $455,700 if you hire a North American developer. If you go with a company in Eastern Europe, it’s estimated to cost around $133,100 to $266,200. You can find a team of qualified developers in Eastern Europe to build you a quality product. 

Outsource Mobile App Development to Appvales

Hiring mobile app developers in Eastern Europe is a great decision for your company. Not only will you find qualified individuals but you’ll save money on your bottom line. There are countless companies in Eastern Europe that are filled with talented mobile app developers. 

Located in Ukraine, Appvales is a top choice for outsourcing mobile app development. They have worked on numerous apps of all types, including:

Appvales has a dedicated team that will work tirelessly on bringing your vision to life. They’ll connect you with the most talented developers in their network. For more information, contact Appvales today

The Ultimate Guide to Hiring Offshore Mobile App Developers in Poland

Have you been considering app development outsourcing for your company? Are you curious about the effects of hiring a top mobile development company from Poland?

Well, you’re in the right place!

There are many benefits to outsourcing development teams in Poland. These include saving money, finding talented app developers, and receiving high-quality work.

Appvales is a wonderful example of this. Their company works to create premium products for many businesses. They take the need of potential users into account and analyze the audience to create the perfect match.

Similar techniques are used by many mobile app developers in Poland. Outsourcing development teams is a fantastic option to consider as you search for the path that is best for you and your business. 

You can also discover the various types of apps that these companies have created. iOS and Android app development in Poland has generated many new ideas and experiences. People now have access to incredible technology at the click of a button.

Through analyzing the top mobile development company options in Poland, you can find the option that is best for you. 

Are you ready to get started?

Grab a pen and paper, and let’s take a look!

Benefits of Outsourcing Mobile App Development to Poland

When you are searching for development teams in Poland, it is important to take a look at the potential benefits. Here are a few of the advantages of outsourcing mobile app development.


The primary benefit of offshore developers is the savings. Many U.S. companies hire developers from other countries because it lowers software development costs.

Low labor costs in other countries lead to needing to pay less in fees. When you hire mobile developers from Poland, the demand will be less than the companies in the United States. 

Finding Talent

Another amazing benefit is talent. Locating app developers in Poland provides a way to hire skilled programmers at a low pay rate, regardless of their skills.

Countries around the world have an abundance of qualified and skilled developers. Hiring app developers from Poland can help your company to improve the quality of your products and expand the customer base.

Tax Benefits

The next benefit is tax savings. Other countries may offer tax incentives to U.S. companies when they hire mobile developers from them. This offers great benefits to both parties.

Countries may exempt taxes from certain software, such as system administration or operating systems. This would offer a great advantage to your company.

Saving Time

Offshore development may help customers to save time as well. Buyers have reported that using services from other countries can help them to focus on other important aspects of their business.

Instead of dealing with small issues that are not critical, this helps businesses to focus on more pressing problems. Not only does this save time, but it allows businesses to set priorities.

High-Quality Work

Quality is also a great benefit of hiring offshore developers. Mobile development in Poland is of high quality and this makes your project more likely to succeed.

The quality of the product depends more on the people that produce it rather than where it is produced. Finding people who are passionate about their work will greatly influence the quality of the finished product.

Marketing Time

Lastly, working with development teams in Poland improves the time that can be used to market. Having an offshore development team can provide a range of services offered.

This can include supply chain management services, marketing media, and information services. Utilizing developers in Poland can help companies to have more time to focus on major aspects of their work.

Risks to Consider When You Outsource Mobile App Development to Poland

It is also necessary to take a look at the risks. Here are a few of the disadvantages of outsourcing mobile app development to keep in mind. 

Language Gap

An issue that your company may encounter when outsourcing mobile app developers is the language difference. This may lead to misunderstandings or misinterpretations in communication. As a result, there may be some problems in discussing the requirements for a project.

This may also lead to struggles with talking to customers. It is important to maintain good communication between the developer and the customer. However, if they both speak different languages, it is difficult to understand what the customer is requesting. 


Travel costs are also a primary disadvantage. There are scenarios in which you will need to go to Poland to spend time with the developers.

This is an expensive journey and takes up a lot of time. While it is easier to travel to European countries, it will still be a difficult process.

Technology Difference

The next challenge is the technology gap. Among different countries, there are differences in technology and software that are available.

It is important to make sure that the platforms that the vendor is using will be compatible with the final product. This may be a challenge due to the differences in software and hardware across the world.


There may also be risks in working with an offshore team. Laws in different countries may not be sufficient for protecting property. This is especially true because there is not a law to protect U.S. companies in these scenarios.

Of the U.S. laws that exist, laws that protect trade do not apply to other countries. If a product is developed in Poland, there is a chance that it can be sold to U.S. competitors. Due to this, companies may choose to sign an agreement to ensure that these risks can be avoided.

Creating an offshore proposal leaves buffer room for a legal agreement, security, and contingencies to protect the company. It is also important to research the app development company before starting to work with them.

Cultural Differences

Lastly, the differences in culture are important to emphasize. It may be difficult to communicate at first because of the differences in way of life.

The structure of a business in Poland may be very different from those in this country. To communicate and work effectively, each branch of the company needs to learn how to understand the differences in culture.

Where to Find the Top Mobile Development Companies in Poland

Poland is globally recognized as one of the top 10 countries for hiring offshore developers. Here are a few of the best websites to find freelancers and mobile app development agencies.


DevTeam.Space is one of the biggest freelance developer communities in the world. The company has top development specialists that you can hire as individuals or teams.

The website has a smart tracking system that allows you to keep track of how employees are performing and what projects they are working on. You can also analyze their response time. This provides a safe environment that eliminates many risks in hiring developers for a company.


Toptal has the ability to match freelancers with the talent that you are searching for. The company has designers, UI/UX specialists, and finance professionals that you can take advantage of in your project.

One of the best aspects of this company is that it has a detailed and intense vetting process. Only the best developers will make it into the final batch. This can assure you that the developers you hire will make high-quality products.


Hired is a simple website that is easy and straightforward to use. It incorporates a matching software to connect you with possible developers for your project.

There is not a gender or racial bias in the matching process, which can assure you that the hiring process will be fair. The developers will have a minimum of two years of experience and you can be sure that they are specialized and talented candidates.


Upwork is another one of the largest freelance platforms in the world. The company offers a wide range of technology-based professionals that work in areas such as development and design.

They will have a matching algorithm that can help you to find the best developer for you. You will also be able to examine their performance levels and the project completion score on their profile. This will help you to find the best candidates to interview for the job.

Stack Overflow 

Stack Overflow is a popular online community for developers at Apple and Android. Their main focus is on the developer. Employees can examine developers at any level of skill or experience. 

You are also likely t find the developers with the highest rating first. They are given much exposure, which will make them easy for you to locate.

So What Now?

Now that you know where to find mobile developers, you may be wondering how to choose from them! There are five main things to remember when searching for mobile developers in Poland. These tips will help you to narrow down your search to find the top mobile development company in Poland.

The first step is to focus on your goals. When working with another company, they may include their own methods. It is important to remember what you want to achieve while also leaving room for flexibility.

At the end of the day, it does not matter how the job is done. What is most important is that the job is done well.

Next, you will need to search for an area of expertise. In your search, explore various companies to find someone who has talent and knowledge about this area.

This is helpful to look for someone who has similar goals to you and your business. This will help everyone to be on the same page throughout the project as well.

Staying committed is a key component for mobile development in Poland. It may be tempting to step away from the project once someone is hired. No matter how great this sounds, don’t do it!

You are the person who knows the most about your project. The person may have talent and expertise, but no one understands the project as much as you do. Staying committed and involved in the project will be seen in the final result.

In addition to this, do not forget to discuss contract details with the developer. For the outsourcing process to be successful, you must reach an agreement with the team you hired.

Specific aspects of the project and business must be included in the contract. This will allow both parties to have a clear idea of what the end goals are and how to achieve them.

The last tip is to talk with the developer about what you are expecting from them. If you do not give them a clear description of the company’s expectations, they may not be able to complete the project in the way that you are hoping. 

To avoid this possibility, be sure to inform them of all the details. This will illuminate the project objectives and allow them to deliver the best product that they can. 

The Best Mobile Development Companies in Poland

Since there are so many amazing mobile development companies out there, it can be difficult to choose the best one for you. Here are our top 10 recommendations for mobile development companies in Poland.


itCraft is a software house in Poland with more than 100 employees. They have made over 200 digital innovations for new businesses around the world. Their minimum project size is $50,000 and they charge $50 to $99 per hour. 

Their specialties are Android, iS, Flutter, and Agile Scrum framework. They work on apps for teleconsultations, marketplace platforms, communication and streaming software, and dating sites. 


nomtek is a software house that has offices in Poland, Germany, the UK, and the US. Their minimum project size is $50,000 and they charge $50 to $99 per hour. 

Their focus is on mobile app design and Augmented Reality products. They also work with a wide range of companies, from startups to fully established and popular businesses.


ImpiCode is centered in Warsaw and focuses on creating software solutions for its clients. They work with companies from many countries and various industries. These include banking, pharmaceuticals, and logistics. Their minimum project size is $5,000 and they charge $25 to $49 per hour

Their primary services are software, mobile development, and web development. Yet, they also provide services for IoT systems, cloud solutions, and IT consulting.


Miquido is a software development partner that focuses on cutting-edge technology and research. Their minimum project size is $25,000 and they charge $50 to $99 per hour.

Their specialties are web and mobile development, artificial intelligence, and product design and strategy. The team has both Android and iOS app developers. The company is fully transparent and will work with you to create a long-term partnership.

Droids On Roids

Droids On Roids is a long-term partner for their clients and focuses on full app development. They offer risk-free trails and work at a rapid pace. Their minimum project size is $50,000 and they charge $50 to $99 per hour. 

They center on mobile commerce, the Internet of Things (BLE), Finch, and business. They are committed to being fully transparent throughout the process and are completely office-based.


Netguru is located in Poznan and builds digital products for its clients. They work with clients at any stage, ranging from startups to well-known companies. Their minimum project size is $10,000 and they charge $50 to $99 per hour. 

They focus on mobile app development and web development. They also do some work with Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Consulting.


Appvales is a top-rated mobile app development company in Ukraine. While it is not located in Poland, it is a great option to consider in your search. This company will help you to design, build, and deploy new apps for your business. They use a direct approach for design thinking, which allows them to anticipate the needs of potential users.

They also implement discovery workshops and research in the development process. The company works efficiently in discovering the best way to design an app and draw in users. We have cross-platform developers with Flutter and React Native skills, as well as iOS and Android developers.

Their work is of high quality and is easy to navigate. These apps are sure to satisfy users and bring them back for more. 


intent is a small team located in Warszaw that builds business products. They have worked with top investors, such as Gradient Ventures, Anathem Ventures, and Lerer Hippeau. Their minimum project size is $10,000 and they charge $50 to $99 per hour. 

They primarily focus on mobile app and web development. They also do work in UX/UI design.

Future Mind

Future Mind is a software corporation that creates solutions for companies of many different industries. They are located in Warsaw and prioritize flexibility in their business relationships. Their minimum project size is $10,000 and they charge $50 to $99 per hour. 

They have done work in telematics, social media, healthcare, and many more. Their focus is to develop and refine a product, applying the feedback of their clients into their work.


FiveDotTwelve is a modern software house in Poland that works on making business solutions for their clients. Their minimum project size is $10,000 and they charge $50 to $99 per hour. 

Their main areas of expertise are social networks, the Internet of Things (BLE), healthcare, insurance, and many others. They work with many types of mobile apps, web apps, cloud solutions, and product designs. 

How Much Does It Cost to Outsource Mobile App Development to Poland? 

Hourly rates can depend on the type of app, the features included, and the complexity of the project. It also depends on the company that you use. 

Simple app prices may cost $50,000 and higher. Social media apps can range from $100,000 to $300,000. Complex apps, such as ride-sharing apps, cost $300,000 and above. 

As seen in the top 10 mobile development companies in Poland, most companies charge about $50 to $99 per hour for their services. This can vary depending n the company and the project that you propose. 

Most companies also set a minimum project size of about $10,000. This can vary, ranging from $5,000 to $50,000 on average. 

Overall, outsourcing in Poland is a great option to consider. The benefits are outstanding and there are many incredible companies to choose from. 

Outsource Mobile App Development to Appvales

Now that you have expired the options for mobile app development, we encourage you to contact Appvales and take a look at their case studies. They provide an excellent window into one of the top mobile development companies in Poland.

For example, their work with Finderscope has illuminated the technology involved in Augmented Reality technology. The Finderscope app uses Augmented Reality to create a unique experience for reading books.

Another primary example is MatematikTutor, which is an e-learning app that Appvales has worked on as well! It is a useful study tool for the who need help with their math skills. This app is a great resource to use for improving your skills, no matter what level you are currently at.

Lastly, Appvales built document management app Docomodo. It is an effective app for organizing and storing all of your documents. 

Appvales has proven itself to be a fantastic company to contact for outsource mobile app development services. Explore their website and see for yourself!

To Sum It All Up

Outsourcing a mobile app development company in Poland may seem like a big and daunting step to take, but it is a beneficial option to consider. Many companies in Poland are sure to create an outstanding product for your business. 

Appvales is an amazing example of this. Their development and design techniques are sure to bring success to your company and engage your customers. This company is a great place to explore and invest in during your search.

If you fill out the contact form for Appvales, you will be able to get first-hand experience and knowledge about what the company is capable of providing. Not only will this be a beneficial choice for your company, but you will also be paving the way for new opportunities in the future.

Are you ready to try it out for yourself? Let’s go check it out!

Guide to Hiring Offshore Mobile Developers in Romania

If you’re considering mobile application development in Romania, you’ve come to the right place to learn more about hiring Romania app developers.

In relatively recent years, the Romanian government has created favorable tax conditions for mobile app development companies. As a result, the industry has flourished in the area.

Romania is home to more than 100,000 IT professionals. Also, more than 7,000 Romanian IT students graduate each year.

Now, software outsourcing generates more than 5% of the gross domestic product in Romania. Furthermore, the country is ranked as the 20th best place to outsource app development.

Keep reading for a guide to hiring offshore mobile developers in Romania.

Benefits of Mobile Application Development in Romania

Romania has benefited from a favorable software development environment. The government has created conditions where web, Android and iOS app development in Romania is financially rewarding.

Developers can now charge custom software rates. There’s also an abundance of technical talent in the area.

In relatively recent years, Eastern Europe has become a hub for mobile app development outsourcing for these and other reasons. The region offers an attractive cost-to-quality ratio. In Eastern Europe, Romania is one of the top outsourcing countries for mobile app development.

The political climate varies in Eastern European countries. Overall, however, it’s relatively stable.

Furthermore, Romania developers are proficient in English. They also possess excellent technical and soft skills.

The following entries highlight the biggest benefits of outsourcing app development in Romania.

Technical Stack

Romanian software developers are well regarded for their technical skills. IT training in Romania is heavily influenced by the Former Republics of the Soviet Union. The dismantled state left a legacy of high-quality technical education.

In recent years, the focus of technical training has shifted from hardware to software. Institutions made this transition to meet changing market conditions. Resultantly, Romania offers a wealth of talented developers with experience in several different programming languages like Swift, Java, React Native, or Flutter.

Romania app developers create applications for many industries. Some of those industries include:

• Artificial intelligence (AI)
• Blockchain
• E-commerce
• Healthcare
• Internet of Things (IoT)

What’s more, these technology professionals excel at both web and app development.

Language Proficiency

English proficiency is highly important for successful offshore collaboration. Romanian developers have an exceptional grasp of English. In the IT industry, this skill is a requirement.

Most Romanian developers work with international companies. These companies require a moderate or high proficiency in English.

The second most in-demand language in Romania is French. It’s nearly as widespread as English.

Developer Education

Software developers must have an in-depth understanding of current technologies. However, they must also commit to continuing learning. Resultantly, Romanian developers make it a point to take ongoing additional training and courses.

There are many opportunities for further education in Romania. They’re administered by private and highly experienced practitioners in the information technology industry.

As a result, Romanian developers excel in web and custom mobile app development. They rank near the top of their fields among programmers around the world.

Development Rates

Romanian software developers offer low rates compared to their Western peers. Outsourcing application development to a Romanian firm can cost two to three times less than it does in the United States.

Even the highest rates among Eastern European app developers are much lower compared to their US competitors. Consider the yearly rates for in-house Java developers, for instance.

In the United States, a junior Java developer earns $39,000 per year. Meanwhile, an intermediate Java developer earns $102,699 per year. A senior Java developer earns $202,000 per year in the United States.

In Romania, a junior Java developer earns $12,000 per year. Meanwhile, an intermediate Java developer earns $18,000 a year in Romania. Finally, an expert Java developer earns around $50,000 per year.

Risks to Consider When You Outsource Mobile App Development to Romania

You might wonder about the risks of outsourcing mobile app development to Romania. There are many misconceptions about the quality of service of Romanian service providers.

Some startups may have had a bad experience with outsourcing. Other companies may have had trouble finding the right team.

The truth of the matter is that finding a good mobile development team can take months. It’s difficult to be in the right place at the right time when a great developer is ready to start a new project.

A few tips can help you to avoid the most common mistakes of IT outsourcing.

Communication Issues

Typically, you’d collaborate with an offshore team remotely. Some team leaders might visit an offshore destination.

Alternatively, an outsourcing service provider may occasionally visit an offshore client. Still, those visits may not enable stakeholders to ensure that everything is understood as desired.

You want to educate yourself about remote management practices for this reason. Fortunately, it gets easier to collaborate with offshore teams as new technology emerges.

There are many project planning and remote communication tools. These tools include Slack, Zoom and Skype.

The Time Zone Difference

Clients typically operate far away from an offshore service provider. Resultantly, stakeholders in both countries need to find a convenient time zone overlap. During this time, they can hold meetings and talk about important problems.

In some instances, your development team may have an issue that they cannot resolve without holding a meeting. By establishing a time zone overlap, you can manage important issues quickly. Today’s communications tools also enable you to make the most of time zone differences.

Cultural Differences

Members of the offshore team and the in-house team will have different cultural backgrounds. They’ll also have different approaches to the way that they do work.

These differences can result in differing perceptions. They can even create cross-communication barriers.

Imagine working with a software developer from Asia. Due to their cultural background, they may tend to refrain from reporting problems for fear of punishment.

Accordingly, it’s important to establish a clear standard of culture among in-house and offshore team members. More importantly, it’s essential to treat your offshore team the same way that you treat your in-house team.

Where to Find the Best Mobile App Developers in Romania

You could find a mobile app developer using the internet. The internet gives you access to developers located around the world. Resultantly, you can pick and choose among a wide range of available application developers.

You might want to hire mobile developers, a freelancer, a mobile app development company or a remote employee. In either case, using the internet to find a developer is challenging. Still, there are several websites that you can use to find a programmer.

If you plan to find a developer using the internet, you’ll need to make sure that they have the skills required to build your application. Finding a developer using this method is about as much work as hiring a new employee for your company.

The following are a few of the best websites that you can use to look for a developer.

Fiverr Pro

You may find a freelance Android or iPhone developer at Fiverr or Fiverr Pro. Fiverr is a website where freelancers post their services. You can then view their profiles and hire someone among available freelancers.

Fiverr is a cheap source of freelancers. Anyone can post their services.

However, Fiverr Pro vets its freelancers. Also, Fiverr Pro rates are higher. Resultantly, you’ll most likely have more success if you work with Fiverr Pro.


Toptal is another online freelancer website. However, the website only accepts 3% of IT applicants. If you’re looking for better quality candidates, Toptal is a good place to start.

The website also provides a representative who will manage your project. They’ll help to keep your project on track.

You might pay more than average if you hire a developer through Toptal. Still, you may likely find a quality developer on the site. You also won’t have to deal with the stress of vetting potential app development candidates.


Upwork is another online site where you might find a mobile developer. Using Upwork, you can post a job and fill out the job description.

Next, freelancers will submit proposals for your job. You must then go through the proposals to choose a candidate.

The Upwork platform also allows you to invite select freelancers to work on your project. In either case, you’ll decide who to hire.

It’s free to post a job on Upwork. However, the site doesn’t vet its candidates. Once again, you’ll have the responsibility of figuring out who’s the best candidate for the job.

Best Mobile App Developers in Romania

App developers in Romania build, test and deploy mobile applications. They’re skilled in programming languages used for mobile apps on multiple platforms. These languages might include:

• Java
• Objective-C
• Python
• Ruby
• Swift
• Other programming languages

As you search for an app developer, you’ll want to consider platform compatibility. For instance, you’ll need to consider whether you want your app to work on Android or iOS.

Alternatively, you may want a cross-platform application. In either case, you’ll need a developer with experience that meets your needs.

Fortunately, Romania has some of the best mobile app companies in the world. The following are just a few mobile app development companies in the region.

Adonis Software

Adonis Software has worked in mobile development since 2011. The company focuses on the end-user and tries to deliver the best experience possible. They emphasize user experience, engagement and satisfaction.


appssemble offers mobile development discovery and consulting. The company focuses on user-centric design. They engineer scalable solutions for Android and iOS app development in Romania.

Atta Systems

Atta Systems focuses on large organizations and well-funded startups. They help companies develop meaningful software for their customers. Atta Systems has a product-centric approach to mobile application development.

Halcyon Mobile

Halcyon Mobile is a full-service mobile app design and development agency. They partner with companies of various sizes. The company focuses on product consulting, UX and UI Design, as well as iOS and Android development.

HyperSense Software

HyperSense Software is a mobile and web app development company that serves startups and enterprise clients. They specialize in strategic app planning, design and development for web Android iOS app development in Romania. The company also performs user testing, QA, DevOps and works with big data and IoT.


Tapptitude is a product studio that works with funded startups and established brands. The company builds interactive, mobile-first products. They work with companies throughout the development journey, from concept to launching a product and through the growth stage.

Wolfpack Digital

Wolfpack Digital is based in Transylvania. The company employs over 60 technicians, designers, and strategists.

Wolfpack Digital works with brands to design, build, and launch digital products. To date, they’ve developed about 50 apps.

X2 Mobile

X2 Mobile works with clients to leverage the dynamic, fast-changing world of mobile app development. The company is headquartered in Romania and works with companies across the EU. They’ve also built a number of native mobile apps for US clients.

Zipper Studios

Zipper Studios believes in working with people. The company emphasizes communication, good management and technical skills. They work to come up with new ideas and deliver positive user experiences.


Appvales is not a Romanian company. We’re based in Ukraine, but we can provide you with all the benefits of working with a Romanian developer and more.

Appvales is a mobile app development firm that’s dedicated to providing the best customer service possible. We work closely with clients to develop beneficial mobile applications that deliver an outstanding user experience.

75% of Appvales developers are senior and mid-level specialists. Also, Romanian app developers have an average of five years of experience. What’s worth noting is that 85% of Appvales’s projects result in long-term collaboration.

We’ve earned a stellar reputation for delivering what we promise—and on time. Accordingly, you may want to give us a try if you’re looking for an offshore software Android or iOS developer.

The following are a few examples of Appvales top-notch deliverables.

Appvales Case Studies

At Appvales, our work speaks for itself. We develop innovative solutions that enable firms to take advantage of available opportunities. The following case studies will give you an idea of how we help firms meet their goals.

Appvales in Action Case Study: Finderscope

Appvales’s challenge with Finderscope was to make the book purchasing process more engaging and fun. We created an easy-to-use community app with AR functionality. It allows quick access to the reading community.

Finderscope makes use of augmented reality that enables users to engage with books in a completely new, and innovative way. The app provides user support for the entire buyer journey, from research to purchase.

With Finderscope, you can discover more about new books by using the app to explore readers’ reviews and comments.

In addition, the Finderscope book scan feature enables users to interact with books by watching photos come to life. Users can also view video synopses made by book authors.

Users can also create book clubs, where they interact with other users and discuss books. They can also use Finderscope to leave comments, reviews and likes for their favorite books.

Appvales in Action Case Study: Eventville

Eventville chose Appvales to develop its ticket marketplace. The application helps users find the best events in the city.

It also allows users to buy event tickets in-app. In turn, it makes finding entertainment plans more accessible.

User tickets are stored in the app. Users never have to worry about forgetting their tickets at home.

Also, users can use the app to review past and upcoming ticket purchases. The application also combines all city events and tickets in one convenient platform

The main screen shows upcoming popular events. Eventville also offers thematic categories, allowing users to find interesting and exciting events easily.

Users can also access a calendar of upcoming events. Furthermore, they can receive notifications when their favorite artists come to town.

Appvales in Action Case Study: Docomondo

Docomondo needed help creating an app that provides a practical way to organize paperwork.
In response, we developed an application that enables professionals to store important documents in seconds.

Users can use the Docomondo app with any iOS device. What’s more, they can easily drag and drop files between devices as needed.

Docomondo also lets users tag files with important information. It also reminds users about critical deadlines.

Furthermore, the application automatically groups documents for easy retrieval. Docomondo even provides an easy way to find documents whether they’re digital or hardcopy.

How Much Does It Cost to Outsource Mobile App Development to Romania?

In recent years, Romania and the surrounding areas have become one of the top markets to outsource app development. However, Romanian developers are taking the lead in the Eastern European IT market. If you’re looking for a reliable software programmer, you don’t have to look much further than Romania.

Many app developers in Romania are fluent in the PHP programming language. PHP is a leading language used for mobile application development.

Furthermore, Romanian developers are close to Western European culture. Resultantly, you’ll find that there are few cultural differences that can create project obstacles when hiring an expert for mobile application development in Romania.

There are many reasons why you might want to choose a Romanian developer for your next project. For instance, affordable pricing is one of the main drivers of mobile app development in the nation. In fact, Romania is one of the most affordable mobile app development service areas in Eastern Europe.

In the United Kingdom, for instance, developers charge about $50 per hour. In Romania, however, developers’ rates start at $40 per hour.

The full cost of your project might vary depending on the complexity of your build.

Simple Build

A simple build might take Romanian developers about two months to complete. The entire project might cost $50,000 or more.

Moderate Build

Romanian developers may complete a build that’s moderate in complexity in about two to four months. This kind of project can cost between $100,000 and $300,000.

Complex Build

Finally, it may take Romanian developers four months or more to complete a complex application build. This kind of project can cost $300,000 or more to complete.

Find a Great Mobile Developer in Romania

Today, Romania is one of the top choices for application development outsourcing. The combination of government support and national talent makes it the perfect place to find the next programmer for your upcoming project.

It’s difficult to say exactly how many developers there are in Romania. Currently, there are more than 160,000 IT professionals employed in the nation.

Romania has built a phenomenal reputation for serving the complex needs of providers in the fintech field. Romanian developers are well equipped to make your next mobile deployment an overwhelming success.

IT experts in Romania work with cutting-edge technologies every day. Resultantly, Romania is an ideal region for finding the best offshore mobile developer for your next project.

Outsource Your Next Mobile App Development to Appvales

Now you know more about mobile application development in Romania. What you need now is the best mobile app developer in the nation.

Appvales delivers top-notch service for full-cycle mobile development. We’ll help you take your mobile development project to the next level.

We specialize in building projects from scratch using a well-tuned process. Our experienced team is always prepared to bring your bold plans into reality. Most importantly, we’ll provide you with the best solution for your needs.

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Complete Guide to Outsourcing Mobile Application Development to Ukraine

Do you want to build a tech startup that rivals well-known competitors? Consider how mobile application development in Ukraine can help.

Not only can you build an app quickly, but you can scale it, and you can save time during the entire process. Then, you can get your app to market sooner so that you can start growing your business.

Keep reading to learn more about Appvales and how we can help turn your app idea into reality.

Benefits of Outsourcing Mobile App Development to Ukraine

Before you decide to outsource mobile app development in Ukraine, you should consider the benefits. While you can hire mobile developers locally, Ukraine is a great place to outsource.

Ukraine app developers have unique skills and experience to offer to tech companies all over the world. If you’re looking for help, you can take advantage of international outsourcing.

Consider some of the benefits of hiring app developers from Ukraine.

Save Time

If you want to start building your mobile app quickly, hiring an in-house team of developers isn’t the best option. When you hire employees, you need to spend time on a few tasks.

  • Writing job descriptions
  • Recruiting developers
  • Interviewing candidates
  • Training new hires

However, you don’t have to do any of that when you hire the best app developers Ukraine has to offer. When you outsource mobile app development, all you have to worry about is finding good developers.

You can do this with an online search, and you can find freelancers and agencies. Then, you can find someone you like, and you can hire them to start the project much sooner.

Save Money

Another benefit of outsourcing to Ukraine is that you can save money. For one, you don’t need to pay a full salary and benefits to the developer, so you only have to pay for the time the developer works on your app.

Hiring Ukraine app developers can also save you money when comparing hourly rates. If your company is in the United States or Australia, for example, local developers might charge way more, even with outsourcing.

Many app developers in Ukraine can provide quality work, so you don’t have to sacrifice the end product. However, you will be able to save money, no matter what type of app you want to create.

Work With Experts

When you outsource app development, you can hire experts to focus on that project. On the other hand, hiring employees to work on your development team doesn’t guarantee that.

You may need your employees to handle multiple tasks and projects. While they might have some app development experience, it won’t be as much as hiring a freelancer or development agency.

If you want to work with people who know what they’re doing, application development outsourcing is the best choice. That way, you can ensure you hire developers who can bring your app idea to life.

Easier Onboarding and Offboarding

Not only is it cheaper to outsource mobile app development, but starting and finishing the project is simple. You don’t have to spend as much time interviewing developers and training new employees.

While you will need to use a contract to outline the project, you can send and receive a contract within a day. Then, your Ukraine app developer can start on the project.

When you finish working on the app, offboarding will also be quick and easy. You won’t have to worry about finding more work for the developer to do, but you don’t have to officially fire them either.

Scale Your App

Before you outsource app development, you may only have a small idea for the app. You might not think about future versions or other ways to scale your app and business.

However, you should have the ability to scale when necessary. Outsourcing Android or iOS app development to Ukraine is great because you can start with one or two developers.

As you need more help to manage your app, you can hire more app developers Ukraine offers. Then, you don’t have to hire more full-time employees, so you can keep costs low as you scale your app.

Growing Field

While you can apply some of the outsourcing benefits to app developers in other countries, Ukraine is unique. Information technology is one of the fastest-growing industries in Ukraine.

Because of that, the talent pool of Ukraine app developers is also getting bigger. As you start and grow your app, you can find some of the best mobile app developers in the world.

Developers will keep getting better and gaining more expertise. Whether you want to update your app or create a second one, you’ll be able to when you outsource mobile application development to Ukraine.

Risks to Consider When You Outsource Mobile App Development to Ukraine

While hiring Ukraine app developers can be a great way to save money and time, doing so does have a few risks. You should consider both the positive and negative aspects of outsourcing to Ukraine.

If you find that you still want to hire app developers from the country, you’ll know everything you need to know. On the other hand, you may decide some of the risks aren’t worth it, or you may need to do more work to mitigate some risks.

Either way, consider the following risks you may encounter when you outsource app development to a freelancer or agency in Ukraine.

Less Control

One of the most significant risks of outsourcing Android or iOS app development in Ukraine is a lack of control. When you hire a freelancer or agency, they have more control over when and how they work.

However, you would have more control over an employee or in-house team working on your app. When you outsource, you may need to wait a while before your developer of choice has time to work on your project.

If the developer has different projects, it may take longer to complete your app. Make sure you’re willing to work with your app developer so that you can reach a schedule and agreement that suits both parties.

Language Barrier

Unfortunately, you may need to look around to find Ukraine app developers who can speak and understand English well. A study looked at English proficiency in European countries.

One list placed Ukraine at 43 out of 88, and the country ranked 28 out of 32 in another list. While English proficiency is getting better, it’s still not the best in the continent.

A lack of proficiency could make it hard to clearly communicate your app idea and needs. While some developers may speak English well, it’s something to consider before you hire mobile developers.

Time Difference

The time difference may be a smaller or bigger risk, depending on where your company is. Ukraine is in the Eastern European time zone, and the country follows daylight saving time.

Depending on the time of the year, Ukraine may be 6 to 10 hours ahead of the continental United States. It’s even farther ahead of Hawaii and Alaska. And Ukraine is about five to nine hours behind Australia.

While the time zone is great for European tech companies, the time difference for other countries can make it hard to have meetings. It might also take a day for your developer to respond to an email or message about your app.

Different Laws

Outsourcing mobile application development to Ukraine also comes with the risk of different laws regarding taxation and intellectual property. Before you hire mobile developers in a different country, review that country’s laws.

Another potential issue is currency exchange. If the developer charges you in Ukrainian hryvnia or the Euro, the exchange rate could change and make it hard to estimate your exact cost.

You may want to hire a lawyer, which can be expensive, to review the laws and answer your questions. That way, you can make sure you can comply with the laws in both countries and that you can estimate how much it will cost.

Idea Protection

Another risk of outsourcing is that your app developer may take your app idea and use it for another client or their own project. To prevent this, you can include a non-disclosure agreement in your contract.

Still, it can be hard to enforce the agreement when your developer is in another country. You should hire mobile developers you trust, no matter where they work.

If you don’t trust a developer, that’s a good sign you should look for someone else. Then, you can make sure your idea stays confidential while you work on it.

Where to Find the Best Ukrainian Mobile App Developers?

Whether you want to hire a freelancer or work with a mobile app development agency, Ukraine is a great place to outsource. But you should know where to hire mobile developers.

Then, you can choose from developers with the right experience and skills to build your app. Consider some of the following websites to find the best mobile app developer for you.


Clutch is a great place to look for app development companies in Ukraine. You can search for companies and view their profile, which includes some important information, like:

  • Average price
  • Number of employees
  • Date of founding
  • Services available
  • Industry types
  • Client types

If you want to look for a specific price or type of industry, Clutch is a great place to search. The website has tons of app development companies, so you can find at least one that fits your needs.


GoodFirms is similar to Clutch because you can search for app development companies. The companies each have a profile where you can learn more about them.

Profiles include a lot of the same points as Clutch profiles. However, GoodFirms also lets clients add reviews, which can tell you a lot about what it’s like to work with a particular agency.

You can read the reviews and check out the agency details. Then, you can compare those to your app idea and budget to find the right one for you.


If you want to hire a freelance app developer, you may want to check out Upwork. The website lets you search for app developers by location, but you can also post a job if you’re open to developers from anywhere.

Upwork lets clients review freelancers, so you can see if someone is good to work with. You can invite people to apply for your developer gig, so you can compare different developers in one place and hire right in the platform.

Or you can create a job and let anyone interested apply. Upwork lets you message freelancers, so you can learn more about them, and you can communicate right there.


Toptal is another great place to find freelance app developers in Ukraine. The website only accepts the top three percent of freelancers, so you can ensure you will find expert developers.

They can help pair you with the best developer for you, and you can start with a trial period, Then, you only have to pay for the work if you like it.

This can be a great option if you’ve never outsourced before because you can save a lot of time and frustration. And you can ask Toptal about their Ukraine app developers to narrow your search.


Fiverr is a marketplace where freelancers offer their services, and you can compare them instead of posting a job. Sellers get reviews as they complete projects, so you can make sure you hire someone trustworthy.

When searching, you can limit your search based on location to ensure that you find someone in Ukraine. You can also search by price or available services to make sure you get what you want and need.

Fiverr lets you message freelancers to learn more about them, and you can communicate about your project. The website also helps protect you and the freelancer to ensure your project finishes as you plan.

Best Mobile App Developers in Ukraine

If you don’t want to spend time comparing agencies and freelancers, you can start with some of the top companies on a website like Clutch. You won’t have to search as much, but you can still get a quality product.

Here are some of the best companies and app developers Ukraine has to offer.


Appvales is an app development agency with an excellent track record. The agency has plenty of developers to work on your project, but the company is small enough to maintain a focus on client projects.

Customer service is a major priority, so you can make sure you get the attention and help you need. As the developers work on your app, you can stay in contact to help the project stay on track. The boutique app development company is a great option for different needs.

Appvales developers can work with languages like Flutter, React Native, Kotlin, and Swift. Whether you want to outsource iOS app development to Ukraine or hire for Android as well, you can.


Cleveroad is an app and web development agency, and they offer both development services equally. The prices are average for Ukraine app developers, and the company has been around for a few years.

Midmarket businesses make up the bulk of their clients, but they also serve small businesses and enterprises. Finance, telecommunication, and media are the biggest industries that Cleveroad works with.


GBKSoft does a lot of different software development projects, and mobile app development is the biggest section. They can develop apps for both iOS and Android, and you can also get custom software development.

Projects have an average price, and the company has a decent number of employees. It can be a great option for small businesses and massive corporations.


Mobile app development makes up about half of the services that Geniusee offers. The company can create apps for iOS and Android, and they also do cross-platform development.

Geniusee creates apps for small and mid-sized businesses in industries like finance and education. The team has plenty of people to help bring your app to life.


Jelvix primarily offers custom software development, but mobile apps are a close second. Custom development can be great for creating apps and websites. Their clients are midmarket businesses and enterprises, and the company has a bigger team to reflect that.

You can work with Jelvix to create an app for iOS or Android, so you can choose the best option for you. Despite the larger team, the prices are about average for Ukraine app developers.

The company can deliver on time, so you can make sure you get your app when you want it. Then, you don’t have to push back your launch date.


Hiring KindGeek can be a good option if you need help with user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design. While mobile app development is the biggest service, UX and UI design are also available.

You can expect to pay around the average price for Ukraine app developers. The company can develop apps for businesses of all sizes and in various industries.

Sigma Software

Sigma Software offers a few development services, including mobile apps and custom software. They have a massive team of employees to help with your project, and the prices are higher than average.

The main industry they serve is marketing, but they work with tons of other industries. You can use Sigma Software to create an app for iOS, Android, or both.

While mobile development isn’t a majority of this company’s services, it’s an important part. And if you need help with other development projects, you can keep working with them.


If you want to hire a company that only develops mobile apps, consider Stfalcon. The company has been around for about a decade and has a team of developers to help develop for both iOS and Android.

Enterprises and midmarket businesses make up the majority of their clients, but they do serve small businesses. Their biggest focus areas include health, travel, and logistics.


Mobile app development makes up half of what Uptech does, but they also offer UX and UI design as well as web development. That way, you can create any app or website and make it easy to use.

The company’s prices are slightly more than the average, and they have a mid-sized team. Their portfolio includes projects in the finance, health, and eCommerce industries.

You are launched

You are launched offers mobile app development services, and their prices are average for Ukraine app developers. They have a small team of employees, and their clients are all small or medium businesses.

The company primarily develops iPhone apps but can also work with Android. They’re a great option for apps in the finance and health industries as well as eCommerce apps.

How Much Does It Cost to Outsource Mobile Application Development in Ukraine?

The cost to outsource mobile application development in Ukraine depends on a few factors. For one, a freelancer will probably be cheaper than an agency.

But hiring an agency may give you access to more developers, which can help get your project going quicker. The complexity of your app can also affect the price.

A fairly simple app can take about two months to develop, while a complex app can take more than four months. Many Ukraine app developers charge between $30 and $50 per hour, so the total cost will depend on the timespan.

Some apps may cost about $50,000 to create, while others may cost a few hundred thousand. The cost might also depend on if the developer charges in your currency or theirs and the exchange rate.

Outsource Mobile App Development to Appvales

Mobile application development in Ukraine is part of a growing information technology industry. Whether you want to create a simple app or something with more features, consider outsourcing to a company like Appvales.

The company can work with you to create almost any app you want using many popular programming languages. We’ve developed a document management app, elearning app, tickets marketplace, online auction, and many other apps. That way, you can get the best product to release to your customers.

Do you want to learn more about Appvales and how we can help? View our case studies and contact us to start your project.

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React Native App Development Cost Breakdown

How to Outsource React Native Development

How to Hire a Remote React Native Developer

In 2020, there were around 218 billion app downloads on both paid and free apps on all mobile platforms. Mobile apps have a huge influence on consumers for businesses. Creating a custom mobile app can bring in new customers and keep current ones engaged. 

If you believe your business can benefit from a custom mobile app, you’ll want to hire a react native developer. They’ll be able to effectively bring your idea to life. 

What’s a react native developer? How do I find one? What questions do I ask them?

Countless questions are running through your head and that’s okay. Working with a top mobile company with a proven track record, like Appvales, can help alleviate some of the stress you’re feeling. 

In this guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know about hiring a react native developer, including what interview questions you should ask them, what is a good salary starting point, and what skills your hire should have. 

What is React Native?

React native is a technology developed by Facebook that applies to both iOS and Android devices. React native developers use the open-source Javascript framework to develop apps. Facebook’s React framework is the basis for this program and that was initially used to build web-based user interfaces. 

Using React Native, developers can create mobile apps that render natively on Android and iOS mobile devices. It saves companies a lot of money, time, and resources. 

Having a react native developer on your staff can:

  • Take your company to new heights
  • Increase customer engagement and loyalty
  • Bring in new business
  • Help your company stay relevant and top of mind

Skills Required for a React Native Developer

When searching for a react native developer, you need to focus on hard and soft skills. You have to be able to sort out who is a well-rounded developer that will deliver you a quality product. 

What are Hard Skills?

Hard skills are the technical skills a qualified react native developer should have in their skill set. These include:

  • React Native: This skill may seem obvious, but any potential candidates need to be well versed and have extensive knowledge of React Native. They’ll need to operate effortlessly within concepts such as JSX, Virtual DOM, or component lifestyle. It is recommended to hire someone who has previous experience working with react native in the past. 
  • JavaScript: React native technology is built on JavaScript, so your developer should have a comprehensive understanding of it. You can weed out those who aren’t qualified for the position if they aren’t proficient in JavaScript. 
  • Knowledge of React Tools and Technologies: The most essential tools your candidate should know include:
    • ESLint
    • Redux
    • Enzyme
    • Jest
    • Sentry error tracking
    • Bitrise
    • Hockeyapp
  • Debugging and Testing: Errors will occur while developing an app and your app also needs to be tested for performance issues. A react native developer should know how to do both of those things. 
  • Navigation: This is one of the most important parts of your app. Having a user-friendly navigation experience is vital and there are tools available to create smooth navigation. Your candidate should be aware of all the tools available for making a seamless experience on your app. 
  • Performance Optimization: A slow app is the last thing you want for your business. A qualified react native developer can create an app that runs fast and smoothly, improving the performance as needed. 

What are Soft Skills?

Soft skills refer to interpersonal or people skills. They can include various personality traits and are as important as hard skills. Soft skills include:

  • Solid Communication Skills: Being able to effectively develop a mobile app requires people to work as a team. A good react native developer needs to communicate well with others to avoid costly mistakes and misunderstandings. 
  • Hunger for Knowledge: A good developer is open to new solutions and ideas from others. They’re also always willing to learn about new technologies and expanding their overall knowledge. 
  • Problem Solver: Even the most qualified developer can make a mistake. Having problem-solving skills is vital for developers to manage any problems or mistakes that have a big impact on the project. Being able to pivot and adjust as needed is an important quality for your candidate. 
  • Time Management: Many mobile apps are developed on a strict deadline and your candidate needs to be able to adhere to a timeline. Making sure that your react native developer is using their time wisely helps you when overseeing the project. 
  • Adaptability: Being flexible and adaptable is a vital skill for your react native developer to have. The tech industry constantly changes and it’s important to learn new programming languages and skills when they arise. Staying on top of the newest trends will keep your developer relevant. 

Interview Questions to Ask When You Hire a React Native Developer

Conducting interviews is a time-consuming and sometimes painful process. For a specialized position like a react native developer, you want to have your interview questions figured out beforehand. Additionally, you’ll want to know what the answers to some of those questions are, especially if they’re more technical. 

There are a lot of questions below and that can be overwhelming as you face interviewing multiple candidates. However, keep in mind that you’re investing a portion of your budget in a react native developer. You want to make sure they’re qualified for the sake of your project, but also to protect your investment. 

Below are examples of interview questions to ask when you’re trying to hire a react native developer, broken up by hard or soft skills. 

Hard Skills

  • In simple terms, what is react native?
  • How is it different than other frameworks that are used for mobile app development?
  • What are the benefits of using it to build a mobile app?
  • What are some apps or companies that are built with react native?
  • What have you used react native for in the past?
  • How is developing a mobile app with react native different than developing a web app with ReactJS?
  • What skillset or tools do you need for developing a mobile app with react native?
  • What steps are required to convert a native Android app to iOS and vice versa?
  • What is a virtual DOM?
  • What do you consider to be the differences between hybrid and native app development?
  • What’s JSX?
  • What is component-driven development?
    • What are the benefits of using it?
  • What are the differences between props and state?
  • What is the purpose of Redux?
  • What’s Flux? 
  • What is your process for starting a react native mobile app development?
  • With your react native component, how do you style it?
  • What is your approach with handling elements size?
  • When you set up a development environment on macOS, why would you need to install watchman software?
  • Describe how CSS flexbox is implemented to layout a react native UI
  • What are the CSS properties that you can’t use in react native?
  • Are there differences between Flexbox in react native and Flexbox in a browser? If so, what are they?
  • Explain how justifyContent flexBox property works
  • Describe the functionality of alignitems flexBox property
  • Is there a way to alter the default behavior of the cross axis and the main axis of the flexBox layout?
  • What are the various ways you can write react components?
  • What’s the difference between a class-based component and a functional component?
  • Describe the life cycle of a react component 
  • How would you go about creating a basic button in react native?
  • How would you create basic text input?

Soft Skills

  • What are your professional weaknesses and strengths?
  • Describe the most interesting and fruitful react native project you’ve worked on
  • What positive contributions have you made to a product or company?
  • Share an example of an idea that you had to work hard to convince others to adopt/support
    • In what ways did you convince them?
    • How did it turn out?
  • How do you function as a project manager?
  • Have any of your professional decisions turned out to be a mistake?
  • How do you deal with any work-related mistakes you make?
  • When was the last time a manager rejected one of your ideas?
  • How do you accept constructive feedback or criticism?
  • Do you use any tools or software to manage your time?
  • Describe a time when one of your team members continually opposed your ideas
  • What do you think the components of a good team are?
  • How much daily interaction do you need with colleagues to work efficiently and successfully?
  • How do you work as a mediator between two team members who have different ideas for a project?
  • What do you do in your free time to grow your skills and make yourself a better developer?
  • Describe a technical problem you encountered in the past and how you fixed it
  • Imagine you are one hour before your project’s deadline and you have a code that’s not working. How do you proceed?
  • Do you feel comfortable telling a project lead or manager that you’re overwhelmed?
  • A project lead has asked you to change an aspect of your app. What’s your reaction?
  • How do you proceed if a team member suggests another way of working on a project that you don’t think will be successful?
  • What tools do you use to check your work?
  • What’s the most important, getting work done by a deadline or delivering a quality product?
  • Why are you interested in this position?

React Native Developers Salaries in Different Countries

When you’re looking to hire a react native developer, you don’t have to look only in your country of residence. A react native mobile app developer position can be done anywhere in the world. You don’t have to be limited to certain countries when hiring a react native developer — you can choose qualified candidates from any part of the world. 

The salary for a react native developer depends on factors like level of experience, skill level (senior, middle, or junior), and location. Salaries can be broken down into three major regions: the United States, Western Europe (i.e. Germany), and Eastern Europe (Ukraine). 

Estimated salaries are as follows:

  • Junior Level React Native Developer
    • Eastern Europe: $30,000
    • Western Europe: $46,000
    • United States: $64,000
  • Middle-Level React Native Developer
    • Eastern Europe: $39,000
    • Western Europe: $66,400
    • United States: $96,000
  • Senior Level React Native Developer
    • Eastern Europe: $48,000
    • Western Europe: $86,000
    • United States: $140,000

There is a big difference in React Native development cost between hiring offshore react native developers and one from the United States, with Western European developers in the middle. The quality of work from all areas of the world is the same, with offshore react native developers providing the same quality of work as one in the United States. The difference in salaries can be attributed to the various costs of living. 

Options to Hire a React Native Developer 

A react native mobile app developer doesn’t need to be physically in your office to perform their job efficiently. That’s why many companies outsource their app development to offshore react native developers. If you don’t want to hire someone as a direct employee of your company, you can hire a freelance react native developer or work with a mobile app development agency. 

Pros and Cons of Hiring a Freelancer

Working with a freelance react native developer opens you up to individuals who have a lot more skill sets. You may need an individual who specializes in a very specific thing that your average react native developer may not have in their skillset. If you need a specific thing worked on in your project, seeking a freelance react native developer may be your best bet instead of hiring a more general developer. 

Another benefit is a freelancer’s competitive prices. Since you’re drawing from a pool of individuals from all around the world, you can find competitive hourly rates. You also don’t have the additional costs of providing the developer with health insurance, taxes, and other employee-related expenses. 

A freelance react native developer also tends to be more available for quick projects. Also, if a relationship isn’t working for you, you can easily terminate the partnership as opposed to letting an employee go. Firing an employee will also cost your company money. 

A risk with freelancers is that they’re often juggling several projects at once. They often can’t realistically figure out the scope of a project beforehand, as well as their timeline. A freelancer sometimes puts too many projects on their plate, resulting in the ball getting dropped at some point. 

When you hire a freelancer, make sure you have a solid contract in place. You don’t want them to quit your project halfway through because another commitment came up. When developing a mobile app, you want the developer fully committed to the project. 

If you decide to go down the freelancer route, ask fellow members in your field for recommendations. Communicate frequently with any freelancers you bring on staff. 

Pros and Cons of Working with a Mobile App Development Agency

Working with a reliable app development company can give you security that a freelancer can’t. A trustworthy company is comprised of highly trained individuals that will deliver a high-quality product.

Hiring a mobile app development agency will save you money as opposed to hiring a full-time developer. Your business might need only one app developed, so it doesn’t make sense to hire someone permanently just for one project. 

A downside of working with an agency is time zones. The company you’re working with may be based on the other side of the world, so connecting on high-priority issues might be difficult. Additionally, if the company is located in another country, you may have a possible language barrier to work through. 

Mobile app agencies are designed to create mobile apps at an efficient rate. Since they only hire highly skilled individuals, the quality of the app won’t suffer because it was delivered at a fast pace. A dedicated mobile app agency will focus completely on your project and deliver it within the agreed-upon timeframe. 

Since an agency is outside of your organization, you won’t be able to monitor the progress and have the same amount of control as if it were an in-house hire. It can be hard for some companies to let go of the reigns and have an agency take over a project. A qualified mobile app development agency will make that transition as easy as possible. 

By outsourcing your React Native mobile app development to another company, you and your employees can focus on what you do best. You can focus on your business’s goals while leaving the more technical work to the experts. 

Best Websites to Find a React Native Mobile App Developer

Before you get started with searching to hire a react native developer, you need to decide whether you’re going to hire an in-house team member, freelancer, or work with an agency. 

Where to Find an In-House Developer

If you have a development team already on staff and an office that has space for another person, going with an internal hire may be the right decision. You can look for qualified react native developers on job board websites such as:

  • LinkedIn
  • Indeed 
  • Glassdoor
  • Technojobs

Sifting through applications and scheduling interviews can be time-consuming. Work with a recruiting company to find an ideal match. 

Where to Find a Freelancer

There are a variety of freelancer platforms for you to check out to find a qualified react native developer for a larger project or a small job. Check out websites such as:

  • Upwork
  • Toptal
  • YouTeam
  • Slack groups
  • GitHub
  • Fiverr

Where to Find a Mobile App Development Agency

If you have a large or mid-sized project but no internal development team, consider hiring a mobile app development agency. They take complete ownership of the entire project, so you won’t have to worry about hiring any additional specialists. 

You can find quality agencies on:

These platforms gather together clients’ feedback regarding development teams from all over the world. You can read through testimonials, find ratings, look at each company’s portfolio, and read about the services each company provides. 

Why Appvales?

Appvales isn’t interested in growing into a large mobile app development agency. We were designed to stay small so the team can give full attention to each of our clients. Customer service is vital to the Appvales team. 

Our team dives deep into each project, creating high-quality mobile apps that deliver a pain-free user experience. We form partnerships with our clients to launch exceptional products. 

Appvales’ team is comprised of experienced individuals:

  • 75% of our engineers are middle and senior-level specialists
  • 85% of our projects have transitioned to long-term relationships
  • Our mobile developers each have an average of 5 years of experience 
  • 90% of our clients have recommended us to other companies 

Appvales helps companies design, build, test, and launch mobile apps. Not only can we handle a project in its entirety, but we also work with in-house development teams to develop mobile apps. 

We offer the following services:

  • Mobile Development: Our engineers deliver native or cross-platform solutions
  • Apps for Business: Design a creative and engaging mobile app that connects your business to customers
  • Dedicated Developers: Use our team of skilled developers as needed to beef up your internal development team
  • Product Discovery: Run your idea through user research and workshops to make sure it’s desirable and feasible
  • MVP for Startups: We’ll take you from idea to app, to product launch
  • Product Design: Our internal team of designers will create a memorable mobile app experience for your customers

No matter where you are in your project timeline or the size of your team, Appvales can bring your idea to reality. 

Bottom Line 

No matter what route you take when deciding to hire a react native developer, choosing a qualified individual or agency is essential to ensuring your project is high-quality and delivered on time. A trustworthy react native software house is vital to your mobile app development project. They have a team of highly trained individuals, ready to take on your mobile app. 

If you’re ready to start bringing your mobile app vision to life, contact Appvales today to discuss your project. They have worked with multiple companies to create apps for their organizations. 

To read about the experience of some satisfied customers, check out some of our case studies:

The Best Places to Hire a Mobile App Developer

Founding a tech startup can be exciting but also stressful. If you know you want your business to include a mobile app, you have to consider how to create it.

Luckily, the best place to hire mobile app developers isn’t that far away. Appvales is an excellent app development company with a fantastic track record.

Keep reading to learn more about finding mobile app developers.

Best Websites to Find Mobile App Developers

The internet is the best place to hire mobile app developers. You can find a mobile developer in the same city or on the other side of the world, so you can choose from the best application developers.

Whether you want to hire a freelancer, a development company, or an employee, looking for a mobile app developer isn’t easy. But you can use one or multiple websites to find someone.

Then, you can make sure the developer you hire has the skills you need to build your app. Consider where to find app developers in your community and all over the world.


Upwork can be a great place to find a mobile developer. You can post the job and fill out the job description. Freelancers on the platform can submit proposals, and you can go over them.

The platform also lets you invite freelancers to your job if you find someone you want to hire. Either way, you can choose the best candidate, and you can work through the platform.

Posting a job on Upwork is free, but the platform doesn’t vet developers. While some top app creators use Upwork, you may have to weed through a lot of beginner proposals.


Another freelance platform to consider is Toptal, which only accepts 3% of developers who apply. If you want to make sure you hire a successful mobile app developer, this is a good place to start.

Toptal provides a representative to manage your project and keep things on track. That way, you don’t have to spend time on project management, so you can work on other tasks.

Now, you may need to pay more than average, but that extra cost is worth the quality. Toptal makes looking for a mobile app developer much less stressful.


PeoplePerHour can be a great website to find a developer to build an app. Prices can range from low to high, and the platform focuses on hiring freelancers.

When you hire someone on PeoplePerHour, the platform helps manage the entire project. They can handle invoicing and payment, and they’ll hold the payment in escrow for you.

You can post a job on PeoplePerHour, or you can search for freelancers with the skills you want. Then, you can hire a programmer to make an app that you love.


You can also find mobile app developers on WeWorkRemotely. This site lets you post a job, and it’s a great way to find some of the top app creators in the world.

Unfortunately, posting a job on WeWorkRemotely is pretty expensive. However, they get over three million visitors each month, so you can find app developers online pretty easily.

The website offers a job description template and tips for creating a description. That can help you improve the chances of finding the best app developer for your project.

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a popular website among developers, and it includes a jobs section. App developers can use the platform to find jobs, so it’s a great place to post your project.

The community has plenty of great app developers, so you can attract fantastic candidates. However, the website doesn’t vet people, so you will have to do that yourself.

Still, you can set your budget and find app developers who can work with you. Then, you can get your project off the ground, and you can build an excellent app.


Clutch is an excellent website to use when looking for a mobile app developer. The website features a directory of the best mobile app companies in the world.

You can search by location, industry, and budget, which can help you find and choose the right mobile app development company. If you want to work with a team of developers, Clutch is a great place to start your search.

Companies on the platform have a profile where you can learn more about the service. Then, you can contact and hire the company that you want.


GoodFirms is similar to Clutch in that you can use it to find the best mobile app companies online. However, this website focuses on technology companies, instead of all business-to-business services.

When you visit the mobile app development section, the search feature lets you filter by country, rate, and team size. So you can find a freelance iPhone developer or hire a small agency.

The filters are a great way to narrow your search, especially since there are thousands of mobile app developers and companies on the site. Then, you won’t have to waste time finding the perfect company.


Appvales connects you with some of the best app developers in the world. The company focuses on integrating mobile app development with product teams to help you build your business.

With a focus on experience and service, Appvales is a great solution for business owners. While the best app makers in the world can create a good app, more goes into the development process.

Using Appvales offers their full attention to clients, so you can make sure your app development goes smoothly. You won’t have to worry about a freelance developer who stops responding to you after starting the project.


Another place to find app developers online is TechFetch. You can find developers at a range of price points, so it’s a great option for any budget.

The website has over a million tech resumes, so odds are good that you’ll find someone to work with. And if you’ve been looking for “web app developers near me,” TechFetch lets you search and post jobs by location.

Unfortunately, TechFetch charges a lot to post your job, so it may not be worth it for a smaller app. The company also doesn’t vet its candidates, so you’ll still have to review resumes and conduct interviews.

Fiverr Pro

If you want to find freelance Android app developers or iPhone developers, check out Fiverr and Fiverr Pro. Overall, Fiverr is a website that lets freelancers post their services, so you can view them and hire someone.

The general part of Fiverr tends to have cheap options, and anyone can post their services. However, Fiverr Pro does vet freelancers, and the rates are higher, so you can get a good quality app.

When you find someone you want to hire, you can message them to make sure they can do what you need. You’ll purchase the services and communicate through Fiverr, so you don’t need to give out payment details or contact information.


Hired makes it easy to find the best app developers out there. You can create a company profile and post a job. Job seekers on the platform tend to choose the jobs that speak to them, rather than with the best pay, so you can find a good match.

When you find someone you want to hire, you can send them an interview request, or you can bookmark them for later. Hired claims it can help you find a mobile developer in less than a month.

The app developers on Hired have a lot of experience, but it may be hard to find people in some niches. If you don’t have a specific niche requirement, you may be able to find someone.


If you want to focus on remote mobile developers, AngelList may be right for you. You can create an account to recruit top talent from over the world or in a specific city.

Over 100,000 startups use AngelList to find developers and other workers. The platform is also a great place to find venture capital, so you can grow your business and app more easily.

Pricing can vary based on the developer you hire, so don’t be afraid to create an account. Then, you can get a better idea of the app developers available on AngelList.


If you want to focus on hiring app developers in the USA, Dice is an excellent website. It only caters to USA-based people, so you can make sure you find excellent app developers.

The site will promote jobs to 3,000 partners for a month, so you can get your job plenty of exposure. They focus on tech jobs, which means you don’t have to sift through tons of categories.

You can find low and high prices on the site, and some regions of the USA don’t have as much representation. Still, Dice is an excellent resource for where to find app developers. 


X-Team is a great place to find a team of app developers. When you hire a team from them, you can still manage the project, and you can give directions to your development team.

Using X-Team is great if you want to onboard and start building your app soon. It’s also fantastic for after the initial development because the team can help you scale your app.

Now, it’s not the best place to find developers with industry expertise. But it can be useful if you don’t want to spend days or weeks looking for a mobile app developer.


Another place to hire a development team is DevTeam.Space. The website vets all of its teams, so you can hire experts in the field to create your app.

Teams use AI-powered agile software, and they can create apps for various industries. While you can start with a team, you can also start with one developer to make sure DevTeam.Space is the right platform for you.

But you can’t hire a freelance developer, so it’s not the best for a smaller development project. However, that does mean you can keep working with the same team as you scale your app.

If you want to hire a developer to work on your app and future updates, might be for you. The platform accepts developers after they pass assessments on code and work style. can match you with developers who can meet your needs, and they can find candidates within a day or two. The cost to hire developers is about average, so you can make it work on most budgets.

However, only focuses on permanent hires, so it’s not the place to find freelance app developers. But if you want to hire someone as an employee, you may find the perfect candidate.

Google for Jobs

Google for Jobs can be a great place for your job posting to get more exposure, but it’s not a job board itself. The search engine will index jobs from other websites, so job seekers can find opportunities more easily.

If you use keywords in your job title and description, your position may show up in a Google search. Then, Google can direct the interested applicant to your post.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t give you much control, and your job may not show up in Google. But you can optimize your job posting to increase the chances of Google picking it up.

Authentic Jobs

Authentic Jobs is a great place to find developers, designers, and other creative people. You can post a job for 30 days, and the website can even promote it on sites like WeWorkRemotely.

The website allows you to post full-time and freelance jobs, so you can get enough help for your project. If you don’t find a candidate or are otherwise unhappy, you can request a refund within 30 days.

You will have to wait for people to apply, and the site won’t match you with potential candidates. It can also be expensive to post a job, but it’s not as expensive as some websites.


Indeed is a general job board, but it’s a great place to post your app developer job. You can use the site to hire for a freelance position or a full-time developer.

The website lets you include a pay rate if you have one in mind, and you can look at resumes from relevant candidates. If you have to hire for other roles in your company, Indeed is fantastic.

However, you may have to face a lot of competition from other companies. Be sure to write a compelling job description to increase applications.

How to Find an App Developer

Knowing how to find an app designer involves more than finding an app developer website and choosing the first one you find. Some of the best mobile apps developers may not be on some websites.

Whether you’re searching for an “apps developer near me” or want to work remotely, you need to consider a few things. That way, you can make the most of outsourcing your app development.

Think about your app as you go through the steps of finding an iPhone app developer or Android developer.

Consider Your Needs

Before you hire a freelancer or an app developer company near me or on the other side of the world, consider your app idea. Think about the features or functions you want to add and how complex that will make your app.

Figure out which platform or platforms you want to create the app for. Would it be an iOS app developer or an Android app developer? Make sure whoever you hire can create an app for the operating system you want.

Another factor to consider is the technology you want to use when developing the app. Consider if you want to create each app natively for the respective operating system.

hybrid app can be a good alternative because you only have to pay to create one app. But native apps may function better on iOS or Android.

Set a Budget

Next, you should determine your app development budget. Creating an app can be expensive, especially if you hire the best mobile app developers in the world.

If you have a budget for your entire business, you can look at it to determine how much you can spend on the app. Or you can create a budget specifically for this project so that you can keep your finances on track.

Using a budget can help you be realistic when looking for a mobile app developer. You can get someone with the experience you need, but you won’t run out of money before you can even launch the app.

Freelancer, Employee, Agency

Another thing to decide on is if you want to hire a freelance app developer, an employee, or a development agency. Hiring an individual freelancer can be more affordable, but it might take longer.

With an employee, you’ll have to pay salary and benefits, but you’ll have more control over their schedule. Meanwhile, a development agency will give you access to more people for your project.

But you may not have as much control over the team and when they get things done. Still, an agency can be great if you want to create your app more quickly.

Think about your preferences to decide which type of hire is right for your project. No one type of hire is right for all businesses or even all apps.

Contact a College or University

If you live near a college or university, you can contact their computer science or engineering department. Then, you can find a student or group of students or recent graduates who can work on your app.

Hiring a student or recent graduate can be a gamble. They may not have as much experience as someone else, but they also probably won’t charge as much as a senior developer.

You may also want to contact a college or university in another city if you’re willing to work remotely. That way, you can expand your talent pool to find the best app developers for you.

Either way, another option to consider is posting your job on the college’s job board. This job board targets students and alumni of that school. If you know of a good development program, you can limit your search to those students.

Ask Your Network

If you know other business owners who have developed an app, ask them for recommendations. Ask the other business owner about their experience with the developer, such as their communication style, pricing, and the project timeline.

When you get a recommendation, you can check out the app developer website of that developer. Then, you can view their portfolio and learn more about the person and their work style.

If you don’t have many business owners in your network, consider joining business Facebook groups. Many of these groups let you ask for recommendations, so you can get a few options fairly quickly.

You can follow the same steps of asking people about their experience. Then, you can view the websites of any developers that interest you to learn more.

Visit Freelance Networks

If you want to hire someone online, check out a few different freelance networks and websites where you can hire developers. Post a job or review available developers and services.

Look for good quality work, and make sure you vet the developers before hiring. Some websites let anyone post their services, so you may not get the best pool of candidates.

Using your own vetting process can ensure that you hire someone with the skills and experience to create the best app. That way, you’ll be proud to release the product to your audience.

Bottom Line on the Best Place to Hire Mobile App Developers

The best place to hire mobile app developers should include access to many great candidates. A portfolio or set of case studies can also give you an idea of what the work can look like.

Then, you can determine if you want to hire a developer from that site. If not, you can research other options until you find the best mobile developers for you.

Are you ready to hire mobile app developers from Appvales? Contact us to get started.

How to Outsource React Native Development [Ultimate Guide]

3D illustration of computer keyboard with the script "React Native" on two adjacent green buttons

There are many reasons your company might want to develop an app and many developmental options available for applications. One option becoming increasingly more popular is React Native. This is discussed more in-depth throughout the article.

Finding the right professional or team to develop these applications can be challenging. This is one reason many business owners are choosing to outsource React Native app development services.

The good news is that Appvales is a react native app development company with an excellent track record. They’ve worked on several unique applications, including:

  • Finderscope – a community app used to enhance books
  • MatematikTutor – an eLearning application that helps people of all levels get better at math
  • Docomondo – a document management app developed to keep track of important deadlines and helps organize paperwork
  • Eventville – an app that helps people find the best event tickets in their city
  • Salu – an application that allows fans to book personalized videos from their favorite people

No matter who you choose for React Native development outsourcing, knowledge is essential. Continue reading to learn more about the React Native framework, why you should outsource, and much more.

Why Is React Native a Good Choice?

With so many different application development options available, what makes React Native such a good choice? It’s an open-source framework that began on Facebook in 2015 but has since grown to be included in many of the world’s most popular applications. Besides Facebook, React Native is used to develop the apps for Instagram, Walmart, Wix, Pinterest, and UberEats, among others.

If the big name drops don’t convince you, the benefits of React Native will. There are many reasons this type of framework has become so modernly popular.

Faster Development Capabilities

Thanks to the high code-sharing capabilities of the React Native framework, applications can be developed faster. To speed things up even further, a React Native software house can use the same code base for iOS and Android. This multi-channel development is unrivaled by alternative options.

Saves Development Times and Costs

Developing apps can be a time-consuming, costly activity. It becomes significantly less so when making use of the React Native framework. The method allows cutting development time and costs by ensuring prototyping is quick.

Easier For Developers

Using React Native is easier for developers for several reasons. Most notably, the code reusability makes catching errors easy. Once caught, it’s easy to debug the mistakes using the same resolution for iOS and Android applications.

Top 10 Reasons for React Native Development Outsourcing

The best way to make use of the React Native framework is through outsourcing. Outsourcing React Native application development services means hiring a digital agency or freelancer to use this specific framework to develop your company’s application. Modernly, many companies have turned to outsourcing as an effective way to get work done.

But why?

There are many reasons to outsource React Native app development services. Below we discuss the top ten reasons. Keep in mind this list isn’t all-inclusive, and other benefits to using this framework may exist.

1. It’s More Cost-Efficient

Hiring either a React Native software house or a freelancer to develop and maintain your app is significantly more cost-efficient when compared to bringing a full-time employee onto the payroll. There are two reasons for this.

The first reason is that you’ll only be paying for the necessary hours or work completed. Freelancers don’t have to be hired on twenty to forty hours like a traditional employee. With application development, there’s no reason to hire someone to work all those hours.

The second reason is that the agency or freelancer you hire will be working for multiple clients at once. While you’ll still get quality customer service with the right outsourcing, you’ll often receive a better rate versus an hourly in-house employee. This is because of the “shared” costs of outsourcing.

2. You Can Focus on Core Business Activities

When outsourcing React Native application development services, you’re free to focus on core business activities. These core activities are what keep your business running, and, in many circumstances, they can only be handled by you. There’s also no reason to add to one of your essential employee’s workloads to get the job done.

What’s even better than being able to focus on your core business activities without distraction? Knowing a reliable, high-quality application is being developed at the same time. This is the true beauty of outsourcing.

3. You Gain Access to Advanced Know-How

The React Native app development company you outsource to will be an expert in React Native application development. That is what they’ve built their career on. It’s what they do day-in and day-out.

If a person spends a significant portion of their waking hours on any task, they’ll become experts. Add into this the schooling and on-the-job training these professionals receive, and the know-how they possess is unrivaled. When you outsource, you gain access to this advanced know-how and can reap the benefits of it.

4. No Extra Effort to Maintain On Your Behalf

Do you want a highly functional, professional-grade phone application for your company’s customers? The benefits of doing so are many, especially with so many people accessing the internet via their mobile phones. Unfortunately, this endeavor is a time-consuming one that not all companies have the man-hours for.

Hire React Native developers and this solves the issue for you. You can reap the benefits offered by an app but without investing any extra effort to maintain it. The money invested into the application will likely pay itself off in a short time, so finances aren’t usually an issue.

5. There’s More Scaling Flexibility

The scaling flexibility of the React Native framework is enough for most companies. Consider the size and complexity of some of the largest companies using this framework.

Consider how many users apps like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Discord have. All these applications have thousands, millions, or even billions of users. The scaling flexibility of React native has allowed them to grow as needed to keep up with user demand.

This means no matter how large you plan (or hope) to grow your company, the React Native framework has the potential to grow with you. The only thing to note is it becomes more challenging to maintain as you scale. However, when you outsource the task to an experienced professional, this complication doesn’t affect you at all.

6. Less Paperwork for You

Nobody likes to do paperwork. It’s the bane of professional existence, and most people will go to great lengths to avoid extra paperwork. The good news is that choosing to outsource React Native developers means less of a paperwork mountain at the end of each workday, workweek, or quarter.

The company or person you outsource your application development to will handle most of the paperwork. If there is paperwork for you related to your company’s application, it will be limited.

7. The Tax Benefits of React Native Development Outsourcing

The agency or freelancer you outsource work to isn’t subject to the same tax rules as employees. The income paid to freelancers isn’t subject to FICA withholding. FICA withholding refers to monies paid towards social security and Medicare.

However, there’s one thing to keep in mind if you hire a freelancer versus an agency. If you outsource React Native development services to an individual, make sure the contract is one for an independent contractor. Not paying attention and improperly classifying an employee can result in severe consequences.

8. To-the-Market Delivery Is Faster

To outsource React Native development means to have someone working on developing your application throughout working hours. This gets the final product to the market faster.

If you were to work on the project in-house, it would likely need to be fit in between other tasks. This reduces the total hours during a typical workday the project can be worked on.

For example, let’s say the professional you outsource to can work on the project for a total of seven hours per day, five days a week. The in-house alternative allows for four hours of work on your application, five days a week. The theoretical application will take 100 work hours to complete.

In the outsourcing example, there are 35 hours of work being done each week. The application would, therefore, be completed after just shy of three weeks of work.

For the in-house example, there are 20 hours of work being done each week. This means the application would be completed after five full weeks of work.

In this theoretical example, outsourcing saves two full work weeks. The result is ready for the market in three-fifths of the time it would have otherwise taken.

9. A Fresh Perspective Is Brought On Board

Sometimes you have a general idea of what you want, but you aren’t sure how to achieve it. Bringing a fresh perspective on board can help flesh out your ideas and bring them to fruition.

When you bring on a professional, that new perspective is backed by advanced industry knowledge. The developer you bring onto your team has real-world experience in what works and what customers want.

10. Gain Access to a Wider Talent Pool

If you were to hire an in-house developer, your options would likely be limited. It’d depend on who worked in your area and who was available full time.

When you outsource React Native, you gain access to a significantly larger talent pool. Since they’re freelancing, the developer you choose can live anywhere. They don’t need full availability as long as they have enough time to complete your project.

Where to Find the Best React Native Developers

There are three ways you can find the best React Native developers. You can look at online job platforms, perform a query on your favorite search engine, or ask for referrals.

Online job platforms will generally only have freelancers available, not agencies. However, you can post your position on these platforms, and sometimes you can find agencies alongside individual developers.

Your favorite search engine will bring up both local and popular global results. These may include freelancers but most often includes agencies.

Asking for referrals only works if you know other people who have used a React Native developer. If you do, ask them if they’d recommend the professional used and why or why not.

Critical Questions to Ask Potential Developers

No matter where you find the developer or whether you’ve chosen an agency or individual, you want to vet them thoroughly. You can do this by asking them these critical questions before making your hiring decision.

Questions About the Developer

What Schooling or Training In Application Development Did You Receive?

The schooling or training developers receive can vary greatly. You want someone who has received one or more certifications (online or off) at the bare minimum. If a developer has gone to school for two or more years in their specific field, that’s even better.

How Many Years of Experience Do You Have?

Every developer has to start somewhere, but fresh-out-of-school developers should generally be working with more experienced professionals. You’ll want the person you interview to have at least two years of experience. It’s fine if those two years were working alongside a more experienced professional.

What Other Projects Have You Worked On That Are Like Mine?

You want a developer who has taken on similar projects that focus on React Native. Not all developers are experienced in this specific form of application development. Asking if they’ve worked on similar projects can help you find the developer best suited to your particular needs.

Do You Feel Our Company Culture Is a Good Fit For You?

Don’t overlook the ability of a freelancer or agency to mesh with your company culture. You still want to work with someone who upholds your company values and gets along well with your team.

What Questions Do You Have About the Project?

A great developer will have one or more questions about your project. This shows you they take pride in what they do and want to make sure they’re a good match. Any developer who has zero questions before their hire isn’t someone you want to work with.

Do You Have Referrals From Previous Clients?

Many app developers keep portfolios of their previous work and have retained referrals from previous clients. Ask your potential hires for these. They may also direct you to the online ratings they’ve received.

Evaluating Non-Technical Skills

Hiring the right application developer isn’t all about technical skills. You’ll want to ensure the person you hire has a robust set of professional, non-technical skills, too. This evaluation can be done throughout your interview and by contacting any provided references.

A few of the most critical non-technical professional skills you want to find in a potential application developer include:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • An ability to set and meet deadlines
  • A friendly, polite demeanor
  • Great team-working capabilities
  • Ability to solve simple and complex problems
  • Self-driven without the need for constant management
  • Unrivaled organizational skills
  • An openness to constructive criticism and apply it moving forward
  • An ability to give feedback constructively
  • Creativity
  • A positive outlook

There may be other skills you look for in a candidate. However, the ones mentioned above are the most basic, essential non-technical skills you’ll want to find.

Questions the Developer Should Be Able to Answer

Besides questions about the developer themselves, there are certain technical queries they should be able to answer. Some professionals choose to administrate these questions as a test before an in-person or virtual interview. These questions include:

  • What is React Native, in simple terms?
  • What are the primary advantages of using React Native for app development when compared to alternative options?
  • How would you convert an iOS application to Android?
  • What does the term “cross-platform application development” mean?
  • What (if any) is the difference between hybrid and native application development?
  • What is a virtual DOM?
  • Are You Fluent In JavaScript?
  • What is the difference between props and state?
  • What is the point of Redux, and why does this matter?
  • What is Flux?
  • What is JSX?
  • What is the difference between React Native and React.js from a developmental standpoint?

Working With a Development Agency Like Appvales: Is It Worth It?

We’ve mentioned that outsourcing React Native development services leaves you with two hire choices. You can choose to use an individual freelancer, or you can choose to work with a development agency like Appvales. Although the final decision is unique to each company, there are a distinct set of benefits related to working with an agency.


It’s a sad but truthful fact that not all freelancers are as reliable as you’d hope. Many of these individuals freelance on the side and may otherwise have a full-time or part-time job. This doesn’t leave them a lot of time (or energy) to dedicate to your project.

When you hire a development agency, you know the developers have ample time for your project. Most of the time, working at the agency is each professional’s full-time job, although it isn’t rare for them to sometimes take on small side projects.

Another way reliability is increased when working with a developmental agency is that there may be two or more developers. This means faster to-market time for your application. It also means if one developer has something come up, the others can likely keep the project moving forward.

More Professionals for Your Project

Working with a developmental agency means working with an entire team of professionals versus a singular person. Depending on the agency you work with, this could mean extra-specialized developers. By “extra-specialized,” we mean professionals who focus on one part of React Native development.

The benefit here is that the project is broken down and given the utmost attention by the most highly qualified professionals. The entire project will likely be overseen by a single manager, which will also be your point of contact. You receive the benefits of a whole team without the complications or hassle of managing them.

Greater Scalability Built-in

Working with an agency means there’s greater scalability built-in from the beginning. If you plan on expanding your app, the agency you choose can likely do this for you, whereas a freelancer may need you to hire additional help.

Potentially Lower Costs

A developmental agency may have capabilities beyond React Native app development. Many of these agencies have professionals who can undertake other tasks for your company. They may, for example, be able to work on different types of applications or offer additional app-related IT services.

By bundling these tasks with a singular company, your potential costs are lowered. If you were to hire a different freelancer for each of these tasks, the costs would significantly increase.

Management Beyond Development

Most development agencies like Appvales have the potential to provide ongoing management of your application. In other words, they can handle not just creation but management, debugging and scaling. This allows your company to reap all the benefits an app provides with none of the hassles.

The Bottom Line

React Native provides numerous benefits on its own, but outsourcing the project offers the most significant benefits for your company. Hiring a development agency like Appvales is generally considered the best course of action versus an individual freelancer.

Want to outsource React Native development? Contact us today. Appvales has worked on numerous React Native projects, including community apps, eLearning, and file management. You can find more information by looking at the case studies on our website.

Mobile App Development Outsourcing: Things to Consider

Do you want to grow your tech startup and start it on the right foot? Consider how app development outsourcing can help you take your business from an idea to a reality.

Great companies, like Appvales, aim to help business owners like you create apps without the hassle and cost of doing it in-house. By outsourcing, you can save a lot of time and frustration.

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Benefits of Outsourcing Mobile App Development

When considering if app development outsourcing is right for you, it’s important to look at the benefits. Outsourcing is an excellent way for some companies to build their first mobile app.

Hiring a mobile app outsourcing company offers many advantages over building an in-house team of mobile app developers. It’s especially useful if you plan to make one app and keep it simple.

Unless the app will be the main part of your business, outsourcing is usually the better choice. Consider some of the specific benefits and how they can affect your business.

More Affordable

Being able to outsource mobile app development is almost always more affordable than hiring full-time developers. When out outsource, you only need to pay for the time the developers work on your app.

If you hire full-time employees, you’d have to pay a salary, even when the developers have downtime. You may also need to pay for benefits, such as health insurance, retirement contributions, and paid time off.

And you would need to hire the developers full-time with no set end date. Application development outsourcing only requires money for the duration of the project. You may need to pay for ongoing maintenance, but it will still be less than a team of employees.

Save Time

Similarly to saving money, app development outsourcing can save you time. You won’t have to write a job description and go through tons of resumes and interviews to find mobile developers for your project.

Instead, you can compare freelancers and development companies and decide on the best fit. Then, you can start your project sooner and get it done sooner.

An application development outsourcing company can also save your current developers time. Your employees can focus on other projects, while you hire experts to complete your new app.

Very Flexible

Another advantage of application development outsourcing is the added flexibility. You can hire the perfect person or team for the job, so you don’t have to worry if they’ll make a good full-time, long-term employee.

There’s also the option of hiring a team of people all at once. Instead of having to fill multiple roles, you can look at a mobile development firm and get everything you need.

Outsourcing is also more flexible in terms of location. You don’t need to hire people who live in the same city or country as your business, so you have access to more mobile app developers.

Better Developers

Speaking of access to more developers, you have the ability to find mobile developers who are the best fit for your project. Hiring developers can be easy and less time-consuming than finding employees.

Whether you want to work with people in the same country or on the other side of the world, you can do so. Having access to a bigger talent pool means that you don’t have to settle for subpar quality.

If you want to make your app the best it can be, hiring an outsource mobile developer is an excellent option. That way, you can prioritize what matters most to you and your business.

Easy to Scale

Perhaps you’ve already developed a mobile app in-house, but you want to grow and scale it. At some point, you may run out of resources to build your app.

Fortunately, app development outsourcing can take away those problems. You can add more developers and engineers as necessary so that you have enough people working on your app.

Even if you can’t afford to hire more full-time employees, you can get the support you need. Then, you can grow your app and business to increase revenue and profit.

Lower Stress

When you outsource mobile app development, you can decrease the amount of stress and risk that you take on. You’ll have a partner, especially if you work with a development company.

The company can help you make decisions that help move your app forward. You can ask them any questions you have about your app, so you can avoid making crucial mistakes.

Then, you can give your app the best chance of being successful. Building an app will involve some stress and risk, but working with the right mobile developers can help reduce those factors.

More Support

You can also enjoy more support and assistance when you outsource app development. Outsourcing to a development company gives you access to experts in the field.

Those experts can work with you during and after the initial development phase. They can test for issues with the app and correct them before the launch.

After releasing your app, you can keep working with them to update your app. That way, you don’t have to learn the development technology or hire employees to do so.

Risks to Consider When You Outsource Mobile App Development

While there are plenty of benefits of application development outsourcing, it doesn’t come without risks. Some of these risks come specifically from outsourcing, but some are inevitable no matter how you find mobile developers.

Before you rush to outsource iPhone app development, consider how the risks can affect your project. For some companies, outsourcing is the best option, while others need to spend time researching first.

Either way, these risks are important to think about when deciding to outsource mobile app development.

Lack of Experience

If you aren’t careful, you may choose a mobile app development company without as much experience. The company you hire may not spend time learning about new development trends.

When you hire people like that, your app won’t be the best possible. However, you can do some research and ask questions to ensure the person or company you hire does have enough experience.

Look at the developer’s website and find their portfolio or testimonials. Contact them and ask as many questions as you can about their experience and development process.

Difficult to Communicate

Working with any mobile app outsourcing company can make it difficult to communicate. You may only have one point of contact between you and your developers.

If you or your employees have questions about the app, having one person to contact can be nice. But if that person isn’t available right then, you may need to wait.

You may also face a language barrier if you find someone to work on your mobile app development offshore. That can be important when deciding where to outsource.

Communication Delays

Not only can it be hard to talk to your developers, but you also may face a communication issue if you and your developers are in different time zones. In that case, it might take a day to get a response, which can be costly in an urgent scenario.

This typically isn’t a problem if you’re only a few hours apart, such as within the same continent. However, working with developers in a different continent can lead to issues.

At worst, a company in Hawaii working with developers in Australia only share four working days, despite sharing most of the daytime. When it’s noon on Friday in Hawaii, it’s 8 am on Saturday in eastern Australia.

Continuous Fees

After you finish developing your app, the costs might not go away even with outsourcing. Unless you’re willing to handle updates in-house, you will need to pay a developer to make those changes.

These fees can be hard to estimate because you don’t always know when you’ll need to update your app. You may have an update schedule, but you can’t always predict security problems that require immediate fixes.

Ongoing support can be an excellent benefit of app development outsourcing, but the cost of that service is a risk. If you have a tight budget, outsourcing your development might not be the best choice.

Scope Creep

Scope creep occurs when you want or need to add extra features to your app. It may also happen if you end up needing rush services or other special additions from your developer.

When these things happen, you will need to pay extra. Even with a budget, it can be hard to account for these extra costs, and it’s a risk you take when you outsource.

If you hire developers to work in-house, your costs will be predictable. All you have to cover is salaries, and maybe a bit of overtime if something takes too long.

Harder to Protect

If you keep your mobile app development in-house, it will be easier to protect the idea and the app itself. Meanwhile, application development outsourcing can leave your app vulnerable.

Depending on the developers you hire, they may use your app to create an app for a different client. It can be almost impossible to keep your ideas and plans secret.

However, you can ask your developers to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Then, you’ll have peace of mind that they won’t expose your project to your competitors or other clients.

Less Control

Along with not being able to protect your app as easily, you will have to give up some control. Of course, you can tell your developers when you want them to start on the project, and how quickly you want them to complete it.

But they aren’t your employees, and things can come up that may affect your project. You might need to adjust your timeline to accommodate changes with your app.

If you want to have as much control over your app development as possible, outsourcing can be stressful. You’ll need to be willing to compromise and work with your developers to get everything done.

How to Outsource Mobile App Development

Once you decide that application development outsourcing is a good decision, you need to figure out how to outsource app development services. That way, you can choose the best development company or freelancer.

If you’ve ever outsourced a project, you can follow similar steps in terms of finding a company and setting up your project. But you can outsource your app even if you haven’t outsourced anything before.

Use the following steps to get the best experience out of outsourcing your mobile app.

Consider Your App Idea

First, you should consider what app you want to create. List out any features or functions you want it to have and the app stores you want to release it to.

Then, consider if you want the app to integrate with your website or any other existing websites or apps. You should also make sure to include features that your ideal customers would want.

Use this information to ask the right questions when you contact potential mobile app developers. That way, you can determine if they can fulfill your requirements.

Determine Your Ideal Structure

Next, consider how you want to structure the app development project. One of the easiest ways is to use a project-based model. This model focuses on setting up the project from the start so that you can focus on other areas of your business.

Another option is a team extension model. You can work with the developers as if they were your employees, but you don’t have to hire them full-time. You’ll control the project, but you can have experts to complete it.

A service-based model is great if you need a bit of help with mobile app development. You can hire people to help with any step, from development to app testing.

Compare Multiple Developers

After you decide which structure you want to use, you can look for developers who work that way. Try to compare at least a few developers and companies, such as Appvales.

Think about any specific services or offerings the developers have and how that can help your project. You may also want to consider when the developer will be available and if you’ll have to wait for them to get to you.

Find mobile developers who can meet as many of your requirements as possible. Then, you can decide which developer or company to hire.

Set a Budget and Pay Structure

When looking at outsource mobile app development cost, you should compare it to your budget. The budget can vary based on your needs, but having one can help you outsource your app the best way you can.

However, you should consider the right pay structure for you and your app. The time and material model is a great option if you want to account for changes and flexibility.

On the other hand, using a fixed price model can help you predict your costs. Then, you can better plan for your payments, and you can work with a good developer.

Start Your Project

Once you decide who to hire and how you’ll pay them, have both parties sign a contract or agreement. That way, you have in writing that you both agree to your terms.

Now, you can have your mobile app developers get to work using native or hybrid apps, depending on your goals. Make sure you know how your developers will create the app in case your employees need to work on it later.

As you complete the project, consider getting regular updates from your developers. That way, you can make sure everything stays on track, and you can fix any issues as they arise.

Schedule Meetings

One great way to communicate with your app developers is through meetings. You can visit them in person if you’re willing to travel, but you can also make phone or video calls

In the meeting, you can go through what your app looks like and how it works. Ask any questions you have about the progress so that you can understand what still needs to happen.

While you can get regular reports through email, speaking with your developers is great if your time zones aren’t too far apart. That way, you can learn more about your app more quickly.

Test Your App

Once your app is almost done, you should have your developer or someone else test it. Use the test to check for small or big problems relating to security, user experience, and accessibility. Test the app on as many devices and operating systems as you can.

If you run into problems, you can address them now before you release the app to the public. Your developers can adjust the app, and you can test it again to make sure the issue is gone.

Launch the App

When you have fixed all of the app’s issues, you can launch it on one or more operating systems. Before you launch, do some promotion to build interest for your app so that you can get downloads.

After you launch it, include a link in your emails and social media posts. That way, you can make the app as easy to download as possible. Then, your app can start making money or doing whatever your goal is for it.

Get Ongoing Maintenance

Whether you decide to outsource mobile app updates or not, you will need a plan for ongoing maintenance. If you keep working with your developer, you should agree on when and how to make updates and how you can contact them with urgent issues.

When moving your updates in-house, you can create a plan with your software development team. Either way, you should know when to look for issues and how to make necessary fixes.

Best Countries to Outsource Mobile App Development To

When looking to outsource mobile app development, you can look at domestic and foreign developers. Both options have pros and cons, and neither answer is always the right one.

However, sending your mobile app development offshore can help you save money. Developers in countries with a lower cost of living, such as Ukraine, Poland, India, Argentina, or Romania. won’t charge as much as developers in the United States.

Still, the cheapest countries aren’t always the best. Here are a few countries to consider when outsourcing your mobile app.


Outsourcing to developers in Argentina can be a great option when it comes to communication and skills. While the foreign country is a few hours ahead of the United States, the time zones are close enough to make meetings easy.

Many developers in Argentina also have solid English language skills. That means you won’t have to use an interpreter or worry about a communication problems.

Argentina also invests a lot of money into education. Because of that, developers have more training and experience than in some other countries, but they can still have an average cost of $30 to $50 per hour of development.


Poland is another excellent country to consider when outsourcing your app development. Developers there can offer excellent quality work starting at $15,000 for the interface and $20,000 for the server side.

Like in Argentina, many Polish developers can speak English, making communication easier. Poland has a great education system, so developers have plenty of training to provide good quality work.

Working with Polish app developers is convenient for European companies. For those in the US, the time difference is easy enough to cover with morning meetings.


Ukraine may be a surprise, but there are plenty of expert developers and development companies in the country, including Appvales. Outsourcing to developers in Ukraine costs about the same as Poland.

Eastern-European app developers tend to have a good handle on organization, so they can get things done efficiently. It’s also relatively easy to travel to Ukraine if you want to meet your developers in person.

However, you can communicate over the internet from almost anywhere. And the time difference between Ukraine and most countries isn’t too bad. The average hourly rate starts at 20$/hr.


Outsourcing to developers in Germany can be an excellent compromise between outsource app development cost and quality. The country has tons of available developers, so you can find rates ranging from $50 to $150 per hour.

German developers can offer great quality work, and they’re especially convenient for businesses with European offices. Even US-based businesses can travel to Germany easily.

Phone calls and video meetings are also easy enough despite the time difference. You may or may not have language barriers, depending on who you hire to develop your app.


If you want to prioritize affordability, you can’t go wrong with application development outsourcing to India. Developers in the country charge much less than those in the US, Australia, and Europe.

You can pay as little as $15 per hour for an Indian developer. Then, you can get a basic app for much less than average.

However, you may not get the best results because developers don’t have as much experience. The time zone and language barrier may make communication difficult as well.

Where to Find the Best Mobile App Developers?

A big part of how to outsource app development is knowing where to find app developers and companies. If you don’t know much about app development, you can still find great freelancers and agencies.

That way, you can hire the right people to work on your project. You don’t have to do much research to find a few candidates.

Here are a few resources and tools you can use to find mobile app developers.

Use Clutch

Clutch is a website you can use to find firms that can help your business. The website has over 500 categories of services for various industries, so you can find the best agency.

Over 200,000 agencies have listings on Clutch, including Appvales. You can review agency listings to find things like:

  • Reviews
  • Pricing
  • Agency size
  • Industries
  • Clients

The website lets you view agency portfolios, so you can see what the companies can do. Clutch is an excellent tool for finding and comparing potential companies to hire.

Check Out GoodFirms

A similar website to Clutch, GoodFirms focuses on helping tech companies find software and service providers. Service categories include:

  • Mobile app development
  • Digital marketing
  • eCommerce development
  • Business services

Agencies, such as Appvales, have profiles that list their services, rates, and reviews. The profile also shows their location and contact information, so you can reach out if you find the perfect company.

Go to Google

Another fantastic way to find mobile app developers is with a Google search. Many businesses use Google My Business to include more information about their company right on Google.

Whether you want to hire a freelancer or a mobile app outsourcing company, Google is a great place to start. You can enter keywords like “mobile app development” and combine it with words like company or freelancer.

Adding words related to a city or country can also help. Then, you can narrow your search more easily.

Visit Upwork

Upwork is a platform businesses like Appvales can use to find and hire freelancers for almost anything. When you sign up, you can post a job and wait for people to apply, or you can find freelancers and send them an invite to apply.

You’ll be able to review pitches and interview candidates that interest you. Then, you can choose and hire someone right through the platform.

Upwork makes it easy to communicate with your developer and pay them. You won’t have to worry about using a specific invoice tool or having to deal with a freelancer who doesn’t respond.

Try Fiverr

Fiverr is another platform available to freelancers in all industries, but freelancers post instead of businesses. You can view freelance gigs and search for mobile app development.

If you find a freelancer you like, you can send a message to learn more about them or buy their services right there. Fiverr is an excellent choice if you want a simple mobile app or need a bit of help here and there.

While you can find many affordable options, the Fiverr Pro section lets you filter your search to find expert developers. That way, you can still get a good quality app.

Ask for Referrals

If you know other business owners who have developed a mobile app, you can ask for referrals. See what freelancer or company the other business hired and ask about their experience.

You can also go to business networking events or join business groups on Facebook. Ask for recommendations on app developers, and talk to people about their experience.

How Much Does It Cost to Outsource Mobile App Development?

Another important thing to consider is your outsource iPhone app development cost or your Android app development cost. Many things go into determining the price for application development outsourcing.

As you set your app development budget and hire a mobile app development company, you should know how different elements will affect your price. That way, you can make sure your budget accounts for everything.

App Features

One of the most significant factors that determines pricing is an app’s complexity. Adding more features to an app will cost more for a few reasons.

  • Takes more time
  • Can lead to different problems
  • Requires more expertise

If you want to save money on your app, outsourcing is already a great option. However, you may need to consider if you need all of the features you tell your developer or if you can go without some.

You don’t need the most complex app, but having a basic app may not be intriguing enough to your customers. Finding a balance will help you create a good first version of your app.


Your ideal creation and launch timeline may affect the cost to outsource mobile app development. If you want to get the app done faster, you may need to pay a rush fee.

And you’ll almost always have to hire a company over an individual freelancer. Individuals can only work so much, but having a team can help you get your app done in less time.

Still, you’ll have to pay for the app and the extra time developers have to spend. Consider if you can wait an extra month or if you need to get it out sooner.

Development Team

Your final bill may also be higher if you hire a development team with experts in different areas. Some teams may have developers, software engineers, UI and UX designers, app testers, and a project manager.

Meanwhile, a freelancer will be an individual with, hopefully, some experience in those areas. You’ll have to rely on one person to do everything, which can add time to your project.

But a freelancer may not charge as much per hour as a full team. Hiring newer freelancers can be a great way to lower your total cost as long as you’re willing to deal with their lack of experience.

Hourly vs. Fixed Rates

The way your developer or company charges for the project may also affect your price. An hourly rate can be a great option because you pay for the amount of work the company does.

Hourly rates won’t change during the middle of the project, so you can set a weekly or monthly budget. However, it can be hard to estimate the overall project cost.

Fixed rates give you a better estimate of the project. But they don’t allow for as much leeway when it comes to adding extra features or testing the app. You may need to pay more for those services as necessary.

Both hourly and fixed rates can be useful. Consider your app development budget and the developer you want to hire. Then, you can do some math to figure out if one payment method is better than the other.


If you’re still unsure if app development outsourcing is right for you, you aren’t alone. Consider some popular questions and their answers to help you choose the best route for creating your mobile app.

Can You Outsource App Development?

App development is an excellent thing to outsource in your business. Odds are, you won’t need someone to work on the app every day once you launch it, so hiring an employee for the job isn’t necessary.

Outsourcing is great if you can’t hire another person to work for your company. Another reason to outsource mobile app development is the flexibility.

You get access to any developer in the world, which gives you more freedom when it comes to pricing and quality. Whether this is your first app or not, hiring another company to develop it is a great investment.

How Much Does It Cost to Outsource App Development?

The cost to outsource app development depends on various factors, like complexity, number of operating systems, and experience. A developer’s location may also influence the price.

App developers can charge anywhere from $20 to $150 per hour based on their location, experience, and if you hire a freelancer or company. Simple apps can take 300 hours to develop, while more complex apps may take more than 900 hours.

You can expect to pay about $6,000 for a simple app from a beginner. On the other end of the price spectrum, a mobile app development agency may charge $135,000 for an app with a lot of features.

Be sure to get a quote from any developers that interest you. Then, you can compare prices to see which is right for you.

Is It Worth Hiring a Mobile App Development Agency?

Another big decision to make is to hire a freelance developer or a development agency. While freelancers can be cheap and easy to find, app development agencies are worth hiring.

An agency works with multiple developers, and those developers may use a wide range of development technology. For example, Appvales developers can use React Native, Flutter, Python, and more.

If you hire a freelancer, they may only have experience with one or two development options. That can limit the type of app you can create, so you might need to compromise on more.

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Mobile App Developed?

The cost to develop a mobile app depends on a lot of factors. If you decide not to outsource it, you may end up paying more for the same end product.

On average, you can expect to pay about $50,000 to create a simple app in-house. However, developing a more advanced app within your company may cost more than $130,000.

If you don’t have a developer on staff, you’ll need to pay to recruit and hire someone new. Then, you’ll have to pay a salary and benefits, and that can add up.

What Team Do You Need to Build an App?

All you need to build an app is an iOS app developer or Android app developer. It can be native or hybrid development. However, it can help to have other people on your team, filling roles such as:

  • Project manager
  • User interface (UI) designer
  • User experience (UX) designer
  • Software engineer (Android, iOS or cross-platform app developer)
  • App tester

If you work with a mobile app development team, you won’t have to worry about covering those roles. However, you would need to fill those roles when completing the project in-house or with an individual freelancer.

How to Choose a Mobile App Development Company?

You’ve decided that you want to work with a mobile app outsourcing company, but you aren’t sure who to hire. Consider a few factors to help make your decision.

  • App features
  • Available operating systems
  • Budget
  • Timeline
  • Maintenance services
  • Ease of communication
  • Developer experience

You may also want to consider any reviews or testimonials from past clients. Hearing about other experiences with a company can give you more insight into what it’s like to hire them.

If you still aren’t sure about a company, schedule a time to meet them in person or over the phone. Ask as many questions as you have to ensure that you will work well with the team.

Get Started With App Development Outsourcing

App development outsourcing can seem daunting and unnecessary. However, it can be much easier than trying to develop an app with your current employees.

Not only is outsourcing more affordable, but it can also be less stressful and more efficient. You can then focus on other tasks in your business while your developers create your new app.

Are you ready to outsource mobile app development? Learn more about how our services can help you.

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Hybrid or Native Mobile Development: What to Choose?

The modern and digitally driven world has seen a remarkable reliance on portable technology. The majority of people prefer to use cellular phones or tablets for tedious and official work. Smartphones are becoming productivity devices as they provide instant access to social networking sites, entertainment, web surfing, and the list go on.

A recent survey has shown that smartphone users make more than 50% of web traffic. It means businesses are in dire need of finding ways to attract mobile users to elevate their businesses to new heights of success. The best way to do so will be to offer a mobile application to the potential audience to build a strong relationship.

Mobile applications are becoming the cutting-edge of innovation. Businesses are continually finding ways to adapt to the changing trends by incorporating mobile applications for a seamless workflow. They are becoming aware that they need to step into the mobile revolution to expand market outreach.

The first and most common challenge that many companies encounter is deciding which type of app they should build to enter the mobile-first world. Whether a company should develop a native or hybrid app depends solely on its priorities and needs.

The significant deciding factors are:

  • The goals and objectives you want to achieve
  • The user experience you want to offer
  • The features that you want to incorporate
  • The allocated budget for app development
  • The performance and speed of the app
  • The time needed to develop a fully functional app
  • Whether in-house app development will be beneficial or not


Native and hybrid apps differ significantly, but the major difference is native apps are built for certain operating systems, like Android and iOS. The developers should write separate codes for both iOS and Android to develop native apps. On the other hand, hybrid app developers write same code base for various OS.

Thus, one can deduce that hybrid apps are more comfortable to develop, cheaper, and less time-consuming. They need less maintenance as compared to native apps. Developers can easily add the latest functionalities to different versions of the app with a single shared codebase. But native apps offer better performance and end-user experience as well as integration with OS-level features. These are more flexible and provide better security.

Hence, the major difference is in the implementation approach of the app. Thus, you must set your goals first and work accordingly. There isn’t a plain and straightforward answer to which implementation will work better. It depends on the project requirement as both native and hybrid apps are perfect for various use cases.

Firstly, you should determine the target audience and the type of services you will provide. Hybrid app’s cross-platform framework will be a more reasonable choice for content-oriented apps. However, it would be better to build a native app for better security if you have a financial company.

People often chose native apps for their better performance. Instead of having the option for constant improvement in hybrid apps’ performance, they won’t match native apps in speed.

After that, you should consider the allocated budget for the app’s development. Hybrid apps usually cost less and require less time. You don’t need to appoint two different teams to work on different iOS and Android applications. Maintenance is another area where hybrid apps outshine native apps. It is easier to manage one mobile app; therefore, hybrid apps are convenient to maintain and support.

Firstly, you should determine the target audience and the type of services you will provide. Hybrid app’s cross-platform framework You might be thinking that hybrid apps are better than native apps. However, the most crucial point is still to be discussed. You would want to provide an optimal user experience. A recent survey showed that around 21% of the users relinquish an app after the first use. It means that if your app isn’t responsive and engaging, you will likely lose a huge chunk of users. Native apps are known for user experience as users get more flexibility and responsiveness along with security will be a more reasonable choice for content-oriented apps. However, it would be better to build a native app for better security if you have a financial company.

Let’s have an in-depth comparison of hybrid vs native mobile app development:

A Straight Comparison of Native vs Hybrid Mobile App Development

The application developed for certain mobile operating systems are native apps. User experience and operating system technical guidelines are followed while developing the app. Thus, it is more secure and faster.

It offers complex integrations with specific device-specific hardware and software. It enables quick access to designs and a native user interface panel

Let’s discuss some of the essential characteristics of a native app:
1. Native apps are reliable, simple, have better user experience and performance
2. Natives apps can work with or without an internet connection and works best for a particular OS
3. Native apps can easily integrate with a device’s file system as well as use features of the OS

Some significant advantages of Native Apps vs Hybrid Apps are:
1. Wide range of functionalities by leveraging the software and hardware of the primary mobile device
2. Responsive and quick software performance
3. Offer push notification functionality
4. Come with a UI that matches the UX of the OS in a better way
5. Quality assurance through ratings in the app store

The significant disadvantages of Native Apps vs Hybrid Apps are:
1. Costlier to develop as more developers required to maintain codebase for different platforms
2. Time-consuming to develop every feature on different platforms

Technologies for native iOS app development:
1. Objective-C
2. Swift

Technologies for native Android app development:
1. Java
2. Kotlin

On the other hand, a Hybrid app is a website professionally packaged into a native wrapper. It might look and feel like a native app but is powered by the company’s website. So, it is built by using Javascript and HTML5, wrapped in a native container.

It is much cheaper, less time-consuming, and easier to develop. You can launch it simultaneously and access it across all platforms completely. Additionally, it allows you to launch new versions without manually updating the app and better coping with software bugs.

Some primary features of the Hybrid apps are:
1. Hybrid apps need integration with a web-based service and include the embedded browser for improved accessibility to dynamic web content
2. These can be developed at a faster pace with lower development and maintenance costs
3. Hybrid apps are easy-to-manage with a cross-platform UI
4. The single code base for various platforms makes it easy to manage

Some of the benefits of Hybrid Applications vs Native Applications are:
1. These are cross-platform apps and can operate on both iOS and Android, having a consistent user interface
2. Faster development and maintenance because of having one codebase
3. Hybrid apps are cost-effective and require less human resources.

Some significant disadvantages of Hybrid Applications vs Native Applications are:
1. Foundation similar to web apps that needs an uninterrupted network connection
2. These have to rely on various plugins to access mobile device’s inbuilt features
3. The UX isn’t as great as native apps
4. Hybrid apps don’t fix a variety of functional issues which are fundamental for the development of native apps

The four most popular frameworks for hybrid application development:
1. Flutter
2. React Native
3. Xamarin
4. Ionic

Both native and hybrid app development comes with pros and cons. The demand of the organization and target customers decide the type of app to choose. Thus, it is better to seek expert advice from a developer. He/she would understand the requirements better and translate your ideas in the best possible manner. Don’t think about price points to sacrifice the end-user’s usability because they are the ones for whom you are investing your hard-earned money and time.

As for the more clarity and discussion, you can reach out to the consultants of Appvales and learn more on it. We have experts who can suggest you the most appropriate framework for your particular business mobile app.